Unlocking Life Insurance for Youth: Joseph Gonzalez Breaks Down the Numbers Beyond Age

Are you under the impression that life insurance is a concern only suited for the elderly? Think again. If you believe delaying life insurance can allow you to enjoy its maximum benefits, you might be risking your future at an unnecessary financial disadvantage. This misconception can add a massive dent in your wallet and put you at risk of many uncertainties.

This is why business coach Joseph Gonzalez is sharing the factors that affect the cost of your insurance plans. As the founder of Level Up Insurance, Joseph prioritizes his clients’ peace of mind by offering extensive coverage at affordable rates. His dedication to making financial security accessible has drawn in an increasing number of individuals seeking protection.

Reasons Why Delaying Insurance Might Not Be a Good Idea:

Insurance plans tend to offer maximum coverage to their clients; therefore, many factors contribute to the plan’s cost. The idea is to protect you and your family from inevitable situations that would be nearly impossible for you to recover financially.

Here are six things that are reflected in your insurance bills:


According to ValuePenguin, a 25-year-old adult pays $31 per month, while a 65-year-old adult pays $593 monthly for a life insurance plan. The client’s age are the primary criteria of insurance cost. The younger you are, the cheaper it’ll cost.

Health Profile and Family’s Medical History:

Your health condition also adds to your premium cost. For example, the diseases you’ve been diagnosed with can increase the costs. In addition to your personal health profile, your family’s medical history is also a significant determining factor. You are also expected to pay higher premiums if there are some hereditary diseases in your family.

The earlier you purchase a plan, the cheaper it’ll cost.

Occupation and Hobbies:

Your current occupation and hobbies factor in total premium costs. Life-risking occupations such as logging workers, firefighters, pilots, and derrick operators have higher insurance premiums.


Drinking, smoking, and other lifestyle habits also influence your insurance costs. Joseph shares, “Smoking puts you at a higher risk of getting denied life insurance.” This ensures that premium prices are fair, leading to acquiring more from high-risk clients. A younger applicant, due to their limited exposure to these lifestyle factors, is more likely to be eligible for a premium insurance plan.

Recent Financial Report :

Insurance agents weigh in on your spending habits, bankruptcy details (if any), or other financial records to plan your premium costs. A younger person, with fewer financial obligations, stands a better chance of securing a comprehensive insurance plan compared to an elderly person.

These are a few significant factors that require detailed attention as you plan to protect your financial future. It becomes clear that age is not just a number when it comes to insuring oneself. The earlier you jump on the insurance bandwagon, the less likely you’ll encounter financial challenges.

On the end note, Joseph reminds his clients to update their insurance policies annually to ensure it meets their current needs and preferences. To get a free quote,visit Level Up Insurance and follow this business on Instagram and Facebook. Connect with Joseph Gonzalez fordetailed insight on insurance plans.

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