How To View A Private Instagram Account

See Private Instagram Accounts

Types of Instagram Accounts

Instagram has two kinds of accounts. One is intended for use by the public while the other one is for private use.  If you sign up for an account, the photos and videos will be made available to be public in default. This means that everyone is able to view your posts content, photos and even follow you publicly. Furthermore, this type of account makes it simple the users locate individuals who are on Instagram by using their telephone addresses or usernames.

In personal accounts there’s a few limitations, but this kind of account’s images and videos can be viewed by the individual who accepts the request. In this way this can conceal your activities on Instagram from public view. There are however a handful of methods to locate the phone number for an account that is personal Instagram profile.

The question is what do you do if you wish to see the private Instagram account without following the person? You might also need to see followers on an individual Instagram profile. It’s like having an attraction to a girl or discovered an interesting new person you’re not able to forget and would like to follow her on Instagram however, she has kept her account secret.

View Private Instagram Account iStaunch

You may be surprised to learn that there’s a tool for free access under the name Private Instagram Viewer from iStaunch which will allow you to access private accounts, without having to follow. If you’re looking to see an individual Instagram account without cost, then you’ll be delighted by this private Instagram Viewer from the iStaunch tool.

How To See A Private Instagram Account

In this article you’ll also discover different ways to see reels, photos, videos stories, highlights, and other content of an Instagram account that is private without verification by a human or surveys.


Methods To View Private Instagram Accounts Immediately

Send a follow request

Let’s first take the most popular trick found in the book that is following the individual.

If you send a follow message to private account you must wait for the account owner to approve the request prior to being able to look at their profile.

If you’re lucky and the person happens be online at the time you submit the request then they might accept the request, and you’ll be able to access their profile straight away. If not, you’ll need to wait until they become online.

Personally, I’m not fond of this method, however, let’s pretend to be gentlemen for a second and follow Instagram’s rules. This is, at least, the way they want us to see the profile of an account that is private.

Contact Google for assistance

Maybe you’ve waited only a couple of seconds, but the other person hasn’t decided to acknowledge your request. There’s no problem. Go to Chrome or Safari and enter your username in the bar for searching.

Usually when an account holder creates a private profile, Google has a library of old posts. This includes posts that they wrote while their account was publicly accessible.

When the page is loaded the results of your search are displayed in the form comprising “All,” “Images,” “News,” and “Videos.” Click on the image tab. The result should show a list of the person’s posts as well as profile photos.

If you’re just seeking a picture of them to put in a frame, or even on a cake for a birthday this idea is the perfect one to experiment with.

Search For Other Platforms

If you find someone who has set their IG account private and you’re interested in viewing their profile, you should check the following accounts: Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, and so on.

If you’re not familiar with their full name, you can check your Instagram bio.

When you browse other websites, you may come across as many pictures of the person or more information about them that you require.

View via an acquaintance

Most likely, you have a close friend (or the friend of an acquaintance) who’s following the individual. If so, ask them to go through the account, in turn, and save the user’s messages to your.

How can you tell whether your friends are already following this person?

Simply contact Your Whatsapp status.

The Most Reliable And Fastest Hacks To See Private Instagram Accounts

  1. Make use of is one of the third-party applications you can use to look up the private Instagram accounts. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to use it.

To iPhone Users:

  • Go to “Settings” and then go to “General.”
  • Once you’re in, look for then the “Background Application Refresh” button, and ensure that it’s on.
  • Then, head into”Battery” section “Battery” section, and switch off the low power mode.
  • Visit the App Store and enable automatic downloads to ON.
  • Visit the website at.
  • From the options , click “VIEW A PRIVATE ACCOUNT”.
  • After the page loads you’ll be able to see a box that reads “Target the Instagram username”. Enter the username of your account that you’d like look at into the box.
  • Click “Connect” and then wait until the system responds.
  • There will be a prompt that asks you to confirm your account. This allows you to double-check the username you’ve entered. After you’ve verified it completed this, click “Confirm.”
  • The progress bar should be displayed after just a couple of minutes. How long it is able to finish will depend on the amount of posts that are posted to the account.
  • Then, you’ll receive the message “Private data successfully delocked for XYZ.”
  • Go again to Instagram and look for the username.
  • Now, you should be able see everything on your account.

What Is The Situation With Android Or PC?

The procedure is a little simpler for Androids. There is no need to alter the settings of your smartphone. Simply visit the website and follow the steps in the previous paragraphs.


This site is designed specifically for iPhone as well as Android users. Here are the step-by-step directions.

  • Visit Instagram and search for your username for the account you’re trying to access.
  • Go on and scroll until you come across “Private Instagram Viewer.”
  • Enter the username of the user.
  • Then , click “View the Private Account.”
  • When the system is able to respond to your request, you’ll be able to see the number of followers and followers for the particular account. Double-check this information with the page on the account that you originally signed up to for confirmation that it’s the right account.
  • Then, click”Confirm Username” and then click on the “Confirm Username” button.
  • The system will ask you what you’d like to achieve:

View photos? This lets you see only pictures.

Followers view? This lets you see only your followers.


Lock profile? This lets you see the entire profile.

  • After you click on”Unlock Profile” and then click the “Unlock Profile” button, the system will then ask you to fill in the CAPTCHA.
  • Then go again on Instagram and refresh your profile page. It will be PUBLIC this time, which means you will be able to see everything you want to see.

Instagram Private Account Viewer

Make use of the Instagramextension ++

To iPhone Users:

  • Switch off auto rotation.
  • Click on “Settings” Click on “General” Then select “Background App Refresh.”
  • Start your browser and navigate to
  • On the main page Scroll down until you’ll see the search bar (just right next to the “ALL apps” symbol) and then type in “Instagram.”
  • An Instagram application with the name “Instagram +” will appear.
  • Click it to download it and then add the extension extension to the main Instagram app.
  • Then, you’ll be brought to a brand new page in which you’ll need to execute some simple commands.
  • After that after that, you’ll need to wait until the commands are activated after which you can return to Instagram.
  • Look for the account that is private again. This time the private account should have been made public which means you are able to view private profiles with ease.

For Android Users:

The only thing you have to modify to work with Androids is the auto-rotation. After you’ve turned off auto-rotation, visit website and follow the steps mentioned above.

You will be able to access the private profiles of all users afterward.

How To View A Private Instagram Account

Make use of the UnlockPrivate application

For the past few months, we’ve utilized web-based solutions. Let’s look at how we can access private Instagram accounts using the help of a mobile application.

How do you download the UnlockPrivate application on your iPhone

  • Navigate to “Settings,” “General,” and turn on your “Background Refresh” feature.”
  • Then, click “Battery” and ensure that the power is low and switched off.
  • Then, open your browser and navigate to
  • Once you are logged in, look to find “Private Instagram Viewer.”
  • The app will appear. It is now time to add it to your phone.

How do you download the UnlockPrivate application on your Android

  • “Settings. “Settings.”
  • Switch off the power saving mode.
  • Select “Display” and switch off automatic rotation. .
  • Visit to download the application in the manner described in the previous.

How do I access private accounts with the UnlockPrivate application

  • Log onto Instagram and look for the account you would like to see.
  • Open the page and minimize your phone and then launch the UnlockPrivate application.
  • After logging in, you will need to enter the username of your private account. Once in, enter the username of the private.
  • Hit to the “View Profile” button.
  • Allow the application a few minutes to load. When it’s done, log back to your Instagram application and refresh the private page of your account.
  • Voila All your details of your profile are looking at you.

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