Luxury Yacht Rental Dubai

Luxury Yacht Rental Dubai

Are you searching for the most effective and productive Yacht Rental in Dubai? If yes, you should read this complete article to become aware of yacht rentals present in Dubai.


Yacht rental in Dubai is very luxurious! Many companies offer 100+ yacht options from the finest brands around the world. Each model in their fleet comes with various styles and state-of-the-art facilities, trained crew members, and premium safety features, which are given for the experience of memorable watching. Celebrate milestone events, skip the crowds for hours, and spend a night dancing under the stars by booking a yacht rental in Dubai.


Yacht Rental Dubai, UAE, offers many maintained yacht fleets from top global brands. Each yacht in its collection has been hand-picked by experts so that it can match the sailing conditions in the world and is equipped with the latest safety features and amenities.


An experienced customer concierge can guide you on booking luxury yacht charter Dubai trips, the prices depend on the model you choose, and they can book your hourly and daily bookings for your convenience.


The yacht charter options we offer fit some occasions. It includes Formula 1, birthday, anniversary, deep-sea fishing boat rental, and charters.


They offer a range of additional activities to complement your yacht charter trip. It includes several water toys, music and dance options, food and beverage packages, and more. Customers can also choose the best activities according to their sailing needs. There are many event package options to choose from, which can enhance the overall charter experience.


Yacht rental in Dubai prices

Yacht rental in Dubai prices varies based on the model and time range you choose. Plus, the prices go up if you include add-on activities to your trip. It includes live entertainment, watersports activities, food packages, and more.



The yacht rental in Dubai prices at their charter company start from 8.01 UAE per hour and 106.78 UAE per day. It is the case for superyachts. The yacht rental Dubai price can reach 213.56 UAE for the mega yachts. Many people choose to charter for only four or five hours in order to save money. Well, this is a good option. A full day’s charter will ultimately provide the most value and will also give you more time to enjoy and facilitate with your yacht’s facilities.

The concept is the bigger the yacht, the higher the yacht rental Dubai price, but there are some exceptions. What’s more, the costs vary if you choose to book an all-inclusive package for an event. It includes birthdays, anniversaries, corporate parties, and more.

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