How To Use A Molle Panel

Molle Panel

If you’re a military member, you’re probably wondering how to use a Molle panel. There are several methods for achieving this. This article will discuss a few of them. This article will also cover how to attach pouches to your MOLLE or PALS panel. In addition, you’ll learn how to attach a hi-lift jack or shovel. If you’re in the Army or National Guard, you’ll probably want to consider purchasing a Molle panel.

Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment

The MOLLE system was developed by Palsor, which is now owned by NcStar. Its purpose was to make it easier to attach gear to the body of an individual. The MOLLE system provides an extremely flexible platform for such equipment. The user can modify the panel to fit their individual needs. For example, if you’re a hunter, you can use a MOLLE panel to attach ammunition and game-dressing tools to your rifle.

The MOLLE system features a PALS-compatible webbing system and a pouch attachment ladder system. The horizontal webbing is anchored to the pack with 1-inch straps and is stitched to its backing at 1.5-inch intervals. You can attach different pouches and accessories to the vertical webbing by snapping them to the PALS-compatible webbing.

Rigid MOLLE / PALS panels

Rigid MOLLE / PALS panels are a versatile way to store and organize gear. These panels can be used with almost any type of vehicle. You can easily attach them to your car with custom straps or stiff quick-release straps. They are also easy to attach to your bag, making them a versatile solution for a variety of needs. Listed below are some tips on how to install and use rigid MOLLE/PALS panels.

Portable RMP / PALS panels are a versatile way to carry equipment. You can use it to mount tactical supplies, tools, and other items. It has several options for mounting, including a handle and elastic cord mounts. You can also add a panel to your backpack and quickly rearrange its configuration. A standard-sized panel with mounting slots allows you to attach handles and MOLLE webbing.

Attaching Pouches

When purchasing a molle panel for your vehicle, you need to take into consideration its size, shape, and quality. Depending on how many pouches you plan to use, you should choose a panel that fits your vehicle perfectly. Also, make sure that the company you purchase from offers excellent after-sales service. Buying something at the lowest price possible is not a good idea, as it might only give you temporary value. Durability and reliability are closely linked. If you’re planning to use your molle panel for months at a time, you should choose a panel that will last for a long time.

A MOLLE panel will allow you to securely attach pouches to a backpack. The panels are designed to accommodate any type of molle compatible gear, so you can access your equipment without removing it. The MOLLE system allows you to securely attach various items to your vest, while still maintaining access to the items inside. Because the panels are made from a heavy-duty nylon fabric, they’ll last for many years, and you won’t have to worry about tearing the material when you’re carrying them.

Adding a hi-lift jack or shovel

Adding a high-lift jack or shovel to re-purposed Molle panels requires a little more work than mounting the jack on the back of a vehicle. Hi-Lift jacks and shovels are usually mounted with bolts to secure them. Panels can also feature standoffs, brackets, or quick fist grips.

Adding a Maglite

Adding a Maglite to a molle panel is relatively simple. First, you will need to purchase a Maglite LED bulb. This is a special type of bulb that fits C & D 2-6 cell PR style flashlights. It is about $4. You may need to drill a hole in the Molle panel to insert the bulb, so make sure that you measure the distance from the light to the panel.Alternatively, you can add a Maglite to your Molle panel by adding a spare incandescent bulb in the tailcap. The Solitaire and XL50 each have two modes and use AAA cells. The XL50 is an entry-level model that does not have the Maglite XL100’s multiple modes. However, it will likely have a lower retail price.

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