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Dubai City Tour

Dubai City is a famous tourist country, there is a variety of entertainment activities that are in search of every person who wants to get happiness instead of tourism. As we know beach places are those areas where most people in the summer season go for enjoyment because the temperature level remains hot.


In Dubai 13 best beaches places are ;

1 Sunset Beach

2 JBR Beach

3 Kite Beach

4 La Mer Beach

5 Black Palace Beach

6 Al Mamzar Beach

7 Jumeirah Beach

8 Marina Beach

9 Ajman Beach

10 Al Khan Beach

11 Lou Lou Beach

12 Banan Beach

13 Sharjah Beach


There are 7 amazing places to live in Dubai :-

  1. Dubai Marina
  2. Downtown
  3. Mlrdif
  4. Arabian Raches
  5. Jumeriah
  6. Emirates Hills
  7. Business Bay


Similarly, there different 27  restaurants which are best to eat in Dubai

1 Tom and Serg

2 La Petite Maseih

3 ToMo

4 Aprons and Hammers

5 Teatro

6 Laserre Bistro

7 Mythos Khuzina

8 Loca


10 Tashas

11 Pierchic

12  The Maine Oyster Bar and Grill

13 Nobu

14 Zuma

15 Emsherif

16 Flamingo Room by Tashas

17 Comptoir 102

18 Down town Toko

19 101 Dining Lounge and Bar

20 Arabian Tea House Cafe

21 Wild and The Moon

22 Fish Beach Taverna

23 Bu Qtair Baker & spice

24 The Lime Tree Cafe and kitchen

25  3 fils

26 Patiala

27 Biryani pot


Now let’s know about some famous universities in Dubai where students for higher level education can easily get education and become successful person in life. In Dubai universities students from all over the world can go and continue his study according to his subject interest.

A few universities names are;

1 Al Falah University

2 Al Ghurair University

3 Al Wasi University

4 American University in Dubai

5 Amercan University in the Emirates

6 Amity University Dubai

7 Canadian University of Dubai

8 University of Dubai

9 University of Balamand Dubai

10 The British University in Dubai

11 University of Birmingham

12 Zayed University

Similarly, there are about 47 Museum in Dubai.


Top 20 list of Museums in Dubai is here,

1 Dubai Museum

2 Louvre, Abu Dhabi

3 Sharjah Museum

4 Emirates National Auto Museum

5 Etihad Museum, Dubai

6 Al Ain Palace Museum, Abu Dhabi

7 Sharjah Science Museum

8 Saeed Al Maktoum House

9 The women’s Museum of Bait

10 Camel Museum

11 Sharjah Archaeology Museum

12 Sharjah calligraphy Museum

13 Sharjah Heritage Museum

14 Dubai Coffee Museum

15 Pearl Museum

16 Sharjah Natural History Museum

17 Dubai Moving Images Museum

18 Dubai Police Museum

19 Al Oqaili Museum

20 Sharjah Maritime Museum


Park places in any city makes some area of that’s city more beautiful  such as in Abu Dhabi City there are best parks to visit.In park there are those facilities for children by which they can be entertained easily. In Dubai  some parks are;

1 Zabeel Park

2 Safa Park

3  Burj Park

4 Creek Park

5 Mushrif Park


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