How VIP Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Is Different From Regular Desert Safari Adventure?

If you want to know about VIP desert safari adventure, you are at the right place. Many tourists remain confused between regular desert safari and VIP desert safari adventure. It is somewhat different from regular desert safari adventure. Apart from VIP treatment from staff members, you can enjoy luxurious activities there. You will truly admire the VIP desert safari adventure in Abu Dhabi.

This article includes comprehensive information about VIP desert safari adventures in Abu Dhabi. If you want to get exciting deals for desert safari Dubai from Abu Dhabi, contact Desert Safari Abu Dhabi.


1# Welcome On Arrival:

During VIP desert safari Abu Dhabi, the guests receive a warm welcome on arrival in the desert. The team members welcome them in a typical Emirati style with garlands, sweets, dates, Arabic qhawa, and drinks. After this, guests enjoy a detailed tour of the desert. The team members tell them about the history, culture, and lifestyle of the Emirati people.


2# Desert Sports:

VIP desert safari Abu Dhabi is inclusive of all desert sports including dune bashing, dune bugging, ATV quad biking, sandboarding, and desert cycling. For dune bashing, only two to three guests are accommodated in a 4×4 car. For quad biking, individual quad bikes are provided to visitors. The trained tour guides remain will them to rule out any chances of injury or accident. You will get a sandboard for this activity. There is no difference between a sandboard and a snowboard. You will go down from dunes in a very dramatic way. Desert cycling is a fun-filled adventure. Almost everyone knows cycling. Usually, kids love to explore the desert on a cycle.


3# Photography Sessions:

VIP desert safari adventure includes endless photography sessions. The experienced photographers capture photos of every moment. The sunset photography, photography in Arabian dresses, photography with Arabian eagles, and endless photography session at the campsite are the perks of VIP desert safari adventures.


4# Special Treatment At The Campsite:

If you have booked a VIP desert safari tour deal, you will definitely get something extra at the campsite. You will feel like a prince or princess. The sitting arrangements at the campsite are not less than a five-star hotel. The waiters serve dishes at your table. Besides this, you can enjoy special dance performances at the campsite.


5# Overnight Stay:

If you want to enjoy an overnight stay at the campsite, it will truly double the joy of adventure. You will get a special tent. Do not forget to enjoy bonfires and jamming sessions during an overnight stay. A guide remains by your side on your way to explore desert animals. You will see new creatures that only appear at night. Capture these nocturnal creatures to make your tour more memorable.


6# Take Off:

Once you have enjoyed everything during the desert safari tour, the team members take off tourists in a special way. Desert safari Dubai from Abu Dhabiis a convenient option for tourists to book exciting deals at very affordable rates.

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