You Can Learn Holy Quran On Laptop Or Mobile Device

Learn Holy Quran

Quran and Hadith are two major sources of religion  Islam .The majority  of learnings come from these sources. A Muslims often refers back in order to one of these two , to educate themselves on a topic.The central  religious  text of Islam is “ The Quran”. For every Muslim it represents  the fountain   head of Divine  guidance. The revelations given to earlier  Prophets  are confirm in Quran .These Holy books might not be accessible  to us in the originally  revealed form . The last Holy book will continue  to guide  those who want to turn towards  Allah Almighty  with a sincere  heart , for all times .

Concept Of Hadith In Islam

Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) sayings  / actions  are called Hadith . Sahin Bukhari , Sunan Abu Dawud and Sahih Muslims are sources for collections  of most authentic Hadiths  .

The Difference between the Guidance From Quran And Guidance From Hadiths Is Here

There will be a verse  from Allah in the Quran  that state “ In a day all Muslims  must pray five time” . However , in Hadiths we are guided on how to perform  prayers  . There is step by step process for the prayer from start to finish  .Whereas  we are only commanded  to do the prayers in the Quran  we can visit different  authentic  suitable  website pages to get knowledge  about Holy Quran and for the collection  of Hadiths.


The Last Holy Book From Allah

The last Holy book that Allah sent down to people is “ The Quran” . Through Gabriel  (Jibril)  Quran was sent down to the Prophet Muhammad  (PBUH) .Anyone who is younger  wants to learn Holy Quran can join “online Quran classes” .  At anywhere  in the world they can gather information about religion  of Islam . There are lessons  of both in the world  and the hereafter that are necessary  for peace and tranqility . This is a book which have revealed as a blessing  .Try to follow it and for receiving  mercy of Allah be righteous .There is all information  about before you with communities.


What has happened  , what will happen  after you and signs of Doomsday . Between  the truth and the falsehood  this book is the distinguisher . Holy Quran is the strong  rope of Allah . It guides us the straight  path . Quran scholars  always crave from it . In online Quran academythere are those scholars  of Quran who teaches  people . In these classes everyone  can learn Arabic and Translation of Quran  .Its reader never bores by reading it again and again .The reader never loses any taste by reading it over and over again . You will be rewarded if your acts are according  oto it . Scholars  are those who invites people  towards Islam , guide them to a straight and right  path , pronounces judgement  based on truth . Truths can be known through this book .

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