Nvidia Control Panel Missing ~ How To Fix Missing Nvidia Control Panel

Nvidia Control Panel Missing 2021

Fixed NVIDIA Control Panel Missing in Windows 10

Many NVIDIA graphics adapter users have reported that their NVIDIA Control Panel is missing on their Windows. NVIDIA is widely used by Windows 10 users, as you may accidentally find the NVIDIA Control Panel disappeared or not displaying on Windows 10.

Your NVIDIA Control Panel gone can happen in the several ailments.

After updating the system to Windows 10 or updating to Windows 10 founders update, there’s no NVIDIA Control Panel, you can’t find it in the desktop context menu and search box.

Another problem is that after you upgraded the picture driver, there’s absolutely no control panel shortcut in the notification area and Desktop right-click menu. Obviously, there are numerous unknown conditions, for instance, when Windows 10 waking from the sleep mode, the NVIDIA Control Panel disappeared.

When you launch the NVIDIA Control Panel, it reminds you an error or after launching it, a number of those NVIDIA Control Panel options are missing, or the display tab is missing, and a person may just see 3D settings.

Many individuals would have a question in their heads, do I really need the NVIDIA Control Panel or if I eliminate it on Windows 10?

What is NVIDIA Control Panel?

It’s principally utilized to restrain the NVIDIA drivers upgrades and change some settings for games so on Windows 10.

Normally, if you find the NVIDIA Control Panel is missing, you can download the NVIDIA Control Panel and install it. But when you try to look for the NVIDIA Control Panel, you’ll find that there’s no NVIDIA Control Panel program, you cannot download it. It is related to the NVIDIA graphic driver, once you download NVIDIA video driver, the NVIDIA Control panel has been downloaded.

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Error Reasons Of NVIDIA Control Panel Missing?

Here are the most common Reasons that lead to the NVIDIA Control Panel Missing Error:

NVIDIA Control Panel Missing Due To Driver Issues

 Something might be wrong with your graphics card drivers or the NVIDIA Display Driver. An outdated, corrupted, or not-compatible driver can break the control panel of your graphics card. You can easily troubleshoot this by updating or reinstalling key drivers.

Windows 10 Update May Be Reason Of NVIDIA Control Panel Missing

Have you recently updated your system to the latest release, or upgraded to Windows 10 from an earlier OS? If yes, your graphics card driver might not be compatible with your system anymore. Rolling back an update may help you fix this.

Missing Or Incorrect Windows Registry Entries May Cause Of NVIDIA Control Panel Missing

The Registry is used for controlling many settings on your PC. If entries are missing or incorrect, the control panel may be missing on your computer. Fixing this requires you to use the Registry Editor.

Corrupt NVIDIA Control Panel

The NVIDIA Control Panel itself may become corrupt if its files are deleted or damaged. This can be fixed is by reinstalling the software altogether.

General Bugs May Reason Of NVIDIA Control Panel Missing

Some general Windows 10 errors and bugs are capable of making the NVIDIA Control Panel missing.

How To Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Missing On Windows 10

Many users That Are using NVIDIA Card users have reported concerning the NVIDIA Control Panel missing difficulty. Thus, don’t stress and keep reading for a thorough guide about virtually every potential fix for the specified issue.

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Methods To Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Missing Error

1- Solution To Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Missing By NVIDIA Support

One problem with this error is, even in the Event That You fix it, then it might Prevail over and over. After many reports by the consumers, NVIDIA chose to take control of the matter and provided a permanent solution for this error.

Here is how you can bring back your control panel through The NVIDIA’s customer service mend:

1. First of All, go to My Computer and then follow the next folder path,

Program Files(x86) → NVIDIA Corporation → Display.NvContainerIf you can’t appear to find the NVIDIA folder in Program Files(x86) folder, assess it in Program Files, it must be there.

2. In the Display.NvContainer folder, find a file named Display.NvContainer, right-click it and select the copy option.

3. Now, to

4. After the

5. Right-click The file you glued in Startup Folder and go to Properties in the drop-down menu.

6. From the Properties menu, visit the compatibility tab. Examine the option called”Run the program as administrator.

After applying these configurations, Make Certain to restart your computer. When the PC reboots, you will find your lost NVIDIA Control Panel back in your Desktop.

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2- Unhide Your Own NVIDIA Control Panel

A very common reason that most Individuals do not notice is that The control panel may be disabled or hidden from the Start Menu or Desktop Context Menu. This is quite common to happen if you’ve updated the NVIDIA graphics card software lately.

If the control panel is hidden, Here’s What you can do to Unhide it:

1. To open

2. After the Control panel opens, view the icons by Large Icons.

3. Locate And click the NVIDIA Control Panel alternative.

4. Now, go From the drop-down menu, Pick the Add Desktop Context Menu.

Now, head to your computer’s Desktop again to assess if the Control panel is there or not.

3- Start NVIDIA Services

It’s likely that when the NVIDIA control panel went This can be fixed by restarting your NVIDIA Services.

Follow these steps to restore the control panel in the System tray:

1. Open the Run Dialog Box by pressing the Windows+R key at the Exact Same time. Type services.msc from the dialogue box and press Enter.

2. You’ll Locate the running services on your computer inside this window. Now, keep scrolling until you find every Service starting with the name NVIDIA.

Incase if the Service isn’t running, right-click onto it and Pick start.

Further, if you are facing Error14109 along with the message

1. Open the Device Manager by right-clicking the start menu and selecting the Device Manager option.

2. Expand The Display Adaptors.

3. Right-click The NVIDIA driver, and select Uninstall driver from the drop-down menu.

4. Restart Your computer.

Restart your PC once more. If it doesn’t do the job, don’t be disheartened, leap into another method on the basis of

4- Update Graphic Card Drivers

If You’re still trying your luck with the fixes, then there must Be a driver issue with the NVIDIA. If that is true, you might have to update the Graphics card driver via the device manager.

To upgrade graphics card drivers in Windows 10, follow along with Measures:

1. Press Windows + X key at the exact same time to open the menu.

2. In the Listing of given drivers, hunt for Display adapters, and expand the tab. Find the NVIDIA graphics card driver and then right-click on it to select the update driver option.

3. A new Window will pop up with two options. Select Search automatically for updated driver software option. This option will automatically look for the available drivers’ updates and install them also. When there is no update, it is going to show your drivers are up to date.

This will fix your issue if it does not head over To another technique to reinstall the driver.

5- Reinstall NVIDIA Graphics Drivers

It’s OK if upgrading the drivers did not work you. Sometimes The motorists need a little more kick, and that’s possible through reinstalling them.

To reinstall the Graphics drivers, follow the Actions given Under:

1. To start The device manager, press Windows + X keys simultaneously and pick the Device Manager from the given list.

2. Find And expand the Device Adapters from the given list of motorists. Right-click that the NVIDIA graphics card driver and select downloaded from your drop-down menu.

3. After the Drivers are fully uninstalled, head to the NVIDIA Download Drivers webpage (you can search easily on Google). From the page, select the appropriate item type, string, and other relevant options from the given menus based on the setup of your PC. After the drivers have been downloaded, install them.

4. Reboot Your computer.

6- Stop Overclocking Your GPU

One concealed culprit behind this mistake might be that the Overclocking of this GPU. Overclocking is a procedure where increasing the frequency and rate of chip over the factory configurations. Yes, this is sometimes a really awesome thing to do to boost your Pc.

But you have to be very cautious as your PC can Wind up In flames if it’s overclocked.

Lowering your GPU frequency and rate might solve the problem Of lacking the control panel as well.

However, to do so, you need the software that you used for Overclocking at the first place. NVIDIA and AMD have their particular applications used for overclocking, but there are many more also.

Control panel is back on Desktop or not.

7- Easily Launch NVIDIA Control Panel

We know how annoying it is when you can not resolve an error. However, Do not worry! Until you discover a permanent solution, try out this temporary solution to unhide the NVIDIA Control Panel.

You can start your control panel through the Following measures:

1. Open the My Computer and then follow the route given below:

C Drive → Program Files → NVIDIA Corporation → Control Panel Client

If you can not Appear to find NVIDIA Corporations Folder at the Program Files folder, Start Looking for it in Program Files(x86)

2. Once you Are in Control Panel Client, look for the file named nvcplui. Right-click it and run it as an administrator.

For the ease, make a desktop shortcut of the NVIDIA Control Panel from the right-click menu of nvcplui.

8- Update NVIDIA Graphics Driver To Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Missing Issue

Jumping from solution to solution and no chance with the Control panel? Maybe you should try Screen Driver Uninstaller. Display Driver Uninstaller will help you remove the graphics driver completely.

Here is how you can use display driver uninstaller:

1. Boot your PC in the secure manner.

2. Eliminate or Uninstall the graphics drivers in the device manager (as exhibited in the preceding methods).

3. Restart Your own PC.

4. Once your PC restarts, install the latest NVIDIA drivers from the manufacturer’s web site.

9- Kill NVIDIA Processes

Issue go away if it is not solved yet. Killing all the NVIDIA Processes and starting them over again has proven to be a workable solution.

Follow the steps below:

1. Open the Job manager through pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys together and locate any NVIDIA procedures named as follows:

NVIDIA Backend (32 bit)

NVIDIA Network service (32 bit)

NVIDIA Settings

NVIDIA User Experience Notebook Component

2. Now, Right-click each of these tasks and click on End Task from the drop-down menu.

3. After all The NVIDIA jobs are finished, follow the given route below:


4. Once you Are in document repository, locate these files:




5. Right-click Them and select delete.

6. Now, Navigate to the next path:

C Push → Program Files → NVIDIA Corporation Folder

C Push → App (x86) → NVIDIA Corporation Folder

7. Delete All the files beneath these folders.

8. Restart Your computer.

9. Run the NVIDIA installer again and this time, select”Custom” and also check the”perform clean setup” box too.

When the installation is complete, you must be able to find The control panel on your Desktop again!


After reading this post, have you fixed the NVIDIA Control Panel missing issue on your PC? Which method works for you? If you have better solutions, please don’t hesitate to share them with us.

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