Delivering Unrivaled Quality Across Startups and Enterprises – Hounder’s Success Stories in Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development

Web design and development is not just about creating a website, it’s about crafting an experience that touches people’s lives. As the great poet Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” The team at Hounder, a leading web design and development company, under the leadership of Joshua Northcott, understands this philosophy well. They have been creating a buzz in the industry with their phenomenal success stories, touching the lives of people from startups to enterprises. Their unique, custom web solutions have exceeded expectations and left a lasting emotional impact on the clients and their end-users.

One of their standout projects was their collaboration with UL, the premier authority on applied safety science. Hounder worked with UL’s web and marketing teams to execute one of the largest and most successful SEO projects, optimizing 1113 pages across 13 industry verticals. As a result, 904 pages now appear on the first search engine results page, with 498 pages ranking in the top three organically. Hounder’s creative writers provided keyword-optimized heading, title, and meta description rewrites, contributing to the success of the project.

Cradle to Career Roadmap, created in partnership with the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, is another impressive project. The platform provides resources for academic and social success for children in San Bernardino County, with a user-friendly experience that allows parents, educators, and community leaders to find resources both in and after school. The platform has 5+ pages, 10+ web components, templates for pages, resources, and success stories, and a categorization system for resources. The result is an elegant and discerning website that functions according to the C2C Roadmap’s dedication to the success of both younger and future generations.

Enview, a company that transforms 3D geospatial data into actionable insights, approached Hounder to design and build a custom web experience that reflected their cutting-edge technology and improved customer engagement and lead generation. The result was an 80+ page website design with 20+ web components, six-page layouts, and integrated job listing software.

Hounder also worked with a growing artificial intelligence company to migrate their website from a website builder to Acquia Cloud, creating a modern, secure, and scalable website that could keep up with their marketing needs and be adapted for the future.

The company partnered with Esrito create an engaging ArcGIS Hub experience that promotes community engagement and transparency. The result was an easy-to-use design with custom web components that transforms how organizations engage and collaborate with their communities.

Through their innovative approach to web design and development, Hounder, under Joshua’s leadership, has demonstrated their ability to provide unique, custom web solutions that exceed expectations.

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