Xfinity Home Security: A Tribute to Perfection

A proper home security system may not have formed till the late 1900s but the idea has existed for centuries now. ADT was one of the very first providers to introduce the world to the idea and the need for a home security system, dating back to the late 1800s. Even so, it was several decades down the lane that the first security system in the world was formed. Hence, home security is and continues to be one of the most important services in the world.  But, what drives the home security industry?


Every time you attempt to cut down a tree, you are likely to be stung by one or multiple bees that have made a home up in the tree. No matter what the size of a creature might be, there is an innate emotion to protect your home. We see it in the tiniest of beings and of course, humans have that feeling too. Our home is a safe place that we come to at the end of each day and hope to seek comfort in. And if your home isn’t safe, no other place in the world could be. Hence, the urge to keep our homes safe and secure is always there.


Over the years, many providers have come up with home security services with ADT being the pioneer. And while the market is positively saturated, a few names manage to stand out. Take Home Security by Xfinity for example. Not only is the Xfinity Alarm system extremely sensitive, but it is also one of the best in the market being a CNET favorite in 2021.


What is Xfinity Home?

Xfinity Home is a one-stop security solution for all the safety concerns you may have for your house. It also comes with just the right sprinkle of automation magic, which bring your house to life with smart automation. Xfinity Home mainly runs on the Xfinity internet service, although you can get it as a standalone service. It reaches about 1 million subscribers to date, is easy to control and customize, and lets you breathe in peace. With the Xfinity Home, you can always know what is happening in your house – even when you are away. You can add different entities to your system to create a well-meshed network.


Why Should You Choose Xfinity Home?

That is a great question and we would love to tell you! One of the things that you can always trust with Xfinity, is the quality of the services that you receive. Xfinity home security has unparalleled quality and convenience is the middle name. So, not only is it easy to use, but you can always know you will get the best. Some of the things that make home security with Xfinity alarm system a breeze are given as follows:


1. Easy System Access, Anywhere, Anytime

One of the handiest things you get with the Xfinity Home subscription is the mobile application. The app is free and lets you access your system from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. Just open up your app and tune in to what’s happening around the house. Take a peek into any of the cameras, turn off lights, lock or unlock your doors, adjust your thermostat settings. With all the cool and new smart add-on gadgets in the market that work with the system the only limit is your imagination. Control your smart home and security the way you like it – the only way it should be.


2. Professional Monitoring That Never Falters

Home security with Xfinity does offer self-monitoring as an option if you are into that kind of thing. However, if you want a little more of an expert outlook on your security plan, we recommend you get a professionally monitored system. Not only is this monitoring available 24/7, but all the resources are on standby waiting to jump to action at the slightest sign of suspicion. This way you get professionals keeping an eye on your premises and your sensors and if anything goes awry, someone is always there to back you up. You can say goodbye to anxiety-fueled sleepless nights with the smart Xfinity alarm system.


3. Top-Notch Security Equipment That Hits Home

Xfinity has developed a line of some of the best security products in the US. It also works in close association with some other big suppliers such as General Electric, Kwikset, and Cor to get you the experience of a lifetime. You can rest assured that you are in good hands with the Xfinity Home security system. Contemporary equipment that Xfinity develops include door and window sensors, cameras, a central controller, and a wireless keypad. You can also add on other equipment like more cameras, a smart regulated thermostat, and pet sensors. All the equipment is smart and wireless and connects to the internet network to respond to your commands.



4. The Xfinity Voice Remote Is a Thing of Beauty

The Xfinity smart voice remote is pretty much beauty with brains, the Bella Hadid of remotes. It is not your average remote, it has a voice function and can carry out all your commands in a regulated fashion. It is not difficult to see why it is an award-winning remote and a dream to work with. Imagine lounging on your sofa and just asking your voice remote to lock all your house doors. With Xfinity home, you no longer have to get up and do it yourself. There are only a few things in the world that beat that feeling of contentment.


5. Expanding Your House Has Never Been Easier

An expanding family can mean you have to expand your house. Perhaps get a new house or maybe add a few rooms yourself if you are more adventurous. Either way, Xfinity Home has made the whole thing much simpler for you. Just add more cameras or any other equipment that you need and hook them to your Xfinity security system. Expand all you like, with Xfinity, there is always a solution that fits your needs!


Final Word

Scrounging the market for the best home security providers can be a tricky business, especially if you are new to the market. It is easy to get side-tracked by all the options in the industry, blindsided even, and end up choosing a plan or provider that does not work for you.

Xfinity Home is a great home security service provider in the US. While the service prices are not exactly the lowest you will ever find, they are certainly packed with good value and quality. There is a lot that Xfinity has to offer, from home automation, remote access, voice commands to medical response and intrusion protection. Plus you can always bundle the Xfinity alarm system with the internet and TV for the nicest plans on the market.

Pro monitoring is something you can always count on. No matter what time the clock shows, a response team is always there. With Xfinity Home, you can choose a tier of security that works best for you. Pay only what you can for a plan type that you build and customize. There are few security system companies that let you have the level of control that Xfinity does.


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