Use Of Fraction In Everyday Life

Fractions are one of the most important parts of mathematics. Hence, if you want to solve a complex problem in mathematics, you need to have intense knowledge of fractions. A fraction is a numerical form of representing a particular portion of the entire part. Many people often think that the use of fractions is limited to the chapters of mathematics, but in reality, fractions are used in every aspect of life. If you want to gather intensive knowledge about the proper use of fractions in real life, then you can check out the following points.

Use of fractions: –

  • Bill splitting: Whenever you go out to lunch or dinner with your friends, you always split the bill among yourselves. Have you ever wondered what exactly you do while distributing your bill’s amount? If you are thinking of fractions, then you are thinking right. While splitting bills, you always use fractions so that all of your friends can pay an equal amount of money.
  • Shopping discounts: When you go shopping, you may occasionally receive a good discount if you purchase a large quantity of a product from the shopkeeper. But have you ever wondered how do you calculate your discounted money from your actual money? There is also a story of fractions.
  • Recipe for cooking: In many cases, the recipe for cooking includes an inclusive instruction of adding the ingredients fractionally. For example, if you are searching for the recipe to make the custard, you will see or hear that the recipe instructs you to add 1/2 tablespoon of sugar. This also involves fractions.
  • In athletics: Have you ever wondered what helps a person analyze the performance of a player in the past years? The person who works on analyzing performance often uses the tool of a fraction to represent how the player has performed.
  • Health: It is critical to use fractions when obtaining BMI information to determine the condition of our body mass.
  • Making drinks:It is an amazing fact that several mocktails and cocktails are made while keeping the fractional amount of ingredients in mind. In other words, many ingredients that are used to make cocktails are added in fractional form.
  • Slicing the pizza: While ordering a large pizza, we often have fights with our siblings to get an equal slice of pizza. But have you ever wondered that when you eat one slice of pizza out of eight slices, you are eating 2/8 part of the whole pizza? As a result, the fraction is also present in this scenario.
  • Time measurement: Time measurement is the most obvious example of fraction representation. Have you ever wondered that instead of saying 30 minutes, you can say ½ hours? Even if you do not have, you should.
  • Exam results: The marks we get in exams often come in a fraction form. For example, if you get 50 marks out of 100, then in your answer sheet marks will be given as 50/100.


In our daily lives, we almost always use fractions in every aspect. Pointing out the endless number of aspects is next to impossible. We have talked about different possible ways of using fractions in our everyday lives. If you desire to convert a decimal into a fraction, then you can follow the process that will help you converting decimals to fractions. It is very important to have good knowledge of fractions that can be used in our everyday lives. We can also say that we need to use fractions regularly so that we can compete with the world without any pull. is one of the best platforms where you can find a detailed understanding of fractions.

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