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Best Gaming Tablets In 2021

The Best Gaming Tablets Of 2022

Gaming is entering a new era. It seems impossible to play mobile games at the same level as a PC. Tablet technology is constantly improving, so tablets can deliver a high-quality gaming experience on a mobile device. There will always be console gamers who prefer PC gaming, but there is a huge demand for mobile options. While it’s great to spend hours playing Candy Crush Saga games, people really want to be able to engage in story-driven and immersive games.

Some games can be played on smartphones, but they are difficult to access due to their small screens. Tablets have larger screens, better processing capabilities, and longer battery life than smartphones. Best Gaming Tablets offer all of these features and more, as well as the portability gamers, need to play on the move. Because there is more area to work with, the controls on tablets are easier to use.

What Is The Best Tablet For Gaming?

Our comprehensive guide will help you choose the right gaming tablet. We’ve also included ten amazing options to suit every budget and gaming style. This will help you save time and eliminate the guesswork when shopping for a tablet. We will explain everything so that you are confident when you purchase a tablet that meets all your gaming needs.

Top 10 Tablets For Gaming 2022

We’ve reviewed the top ten gaming tablets based on all of the above factors and considerations. These tablets are great for both mobile and PC gaming. No matter what your needs and preferences are, we have the perfect tablet for you.

What Tablet Is Best For Gaming

1. iPad

iPad Tablet For Games

iPad The Best Overall Tablets For Games

The display delivers smooth visuals and high-functioning components in the body.

Full-size, cost-effective iPad

Highly reflective screen

Excellent screen resolution

You can’t upgrade your storage. You get what you pay for.


Compatible With Apple Pencil

Specifications Of iPad

Operating System – iOS 11
Screen Size – 9.7”
Resolution – 1536 x 2048 pixels
Disk Space – 32/128GB
CPU – A10 Fusion
Weight – 1.03 lbs
Battery Life – 10 Hours

Our list starts with the most popular and well-known tablet option: the iPad. The iPad is the most popular and current version. The iPad is the best choice for those who want the Apple experience but don’t want to pay the steep price of the Pro models. You’ll be able to access all the Apple apps and games, just like with all iOS devices. Many of these apps and games are exclusive to iOS, so you won’t find them anywhere else.

The number of tablets on the market is increasing as a result of increased demand. Although the iPad is the most popular, it can be tempting to choose one. However, we encourage you to be more selective. While iPads are fantastic and offer great gaming capabilities, there are many other brands available. You might find one that is more suitable for your needs.

With high-functioning components in the body, the display delivers smooth visuals. The A10 Fusion CPU is one of the most powerful components and keeps things moving fast. Additional Apple features such as the Apple Pencil allow you to use a stylus directly on the iPad. This can be helpful in certain games, and for drawing. The iPad makes it easy to play Pictionary. Also, you can attach custom covers such as one with an integrated Bluetooth keyboard.

You can’t plug any peripherals directly into your iPad. Instead, you will need to use Bluetooth Connect ones. You should also keep your hands clean and a good wipe nearby as the screen is reflective.

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2. Microsoft Surface Pro

microsoft surface pro tablet For Games

Microsoft Surface Pro Best Laptop Alternative Tablets For Games

“Capability for all your PC games including Steam-based ones while on the move.”

You can play all Steam games


Incredible battery life

No thunderbolt ports

Customizable RAM & Storage

Specifications Of Microsoft Surface Pro

Operating System – Windows 10 Pro
Screen Size – 12.3”
Resolution – 2736 x 1824 pixels
RAM – 4-8 or 16GB
Disk Space – 128,256, 512GB and 1TB
CPU – Intel Core M3, i5 and i7
Weight – 1.69, 1.37 or 1.73lbs
Battery Life – 13.5 Hours

You can customize the Microsoft Surface Pro to suit your needs with tons of customization options. This tablet is basically a fully functional PC in tablet form. The tablet is a bit larger than the average, and there are three weight options. This is due to the inner components. The laptop is still small and lighter than the iPad, so it can be easily slipped into a backpack.

You can play any PC game, even Steam-based ones, while you’re on the move. Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet For Games is a game-changer for serious gamers. Although your games will not run at full graphics settings, this tablet can still deliver about 50 frames per second. You can also connect to a full-size keyboard, so you can use them for macros and gaming controls.

You can customize your purchase by choosing how much RAM or disk space you need, and which CPU you wish to use. The device will weigh more if you select a higher spec. This tablet has a larger battery, so it is more powerful. It can last for up to 13.5 hours with one charge. Although playing heavy games can drain the battery faster, it still has one of the most powerful batteries available. The Microsoft Surface Pro is a great gaming tablet for non-mobile gamers.

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3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e For Games

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e The Best Medium-Sized Screen Tablets

“Well-rounded tablet that excels at a variety feature categories including design, audio, display, and design.”

High-quality audio output

No headphone jacks

Clear and vivid display

Anti-glare coating

Excellent battery life

Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Operating System – Android
Screen Size – 10.5”
Resolution – 2560 x 1600 pixels
RAM – 4GB or 6GB
Disk Space – 64GB or 256GB
CPU – Dual 2.0GHz Hexa 1.7GHz and CPU – Dual 2.0GHz
Weight -.87lbs
Battery Life – 14.5 Hours

Android is a great tablet, even though it’s often overlooked. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is their best gaming tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is a versatile tablet that excels at a range of features, including audio and design. It has an AMOLED display that can produce stunning HDR imagery. This is great for gaming. Although Android does not support iOS-specific mobile apps, it does have Google Playstore. It can also play some PC games.

The screen is a decent, medium-sized one. It’s not too heavy, but large enough to see the gaming images clearly. This tablet has the best color range of any tablet. The tablet has high-quality contrast and brightness, and also a special coating to prevent reflections and glares. You can enjoy a more varied visual experience and without harsh glares.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Tablet For Games front has no buttons or touch sensors. This gives it more screen space. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e excels in the audio department. The tablet’s quad-stereo, AKG/HARMAN and stereo speakers provide remarkable audio output for a tablet. Because there are no headphones jacks on the tablet, it must.

You can also choose between 64GB or 128GB storage. However, you can also increase it to 1TB with a MicroSD card.

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4. iPad Pro 11

iPad Pro 11 For Games

iPad Pro 11 The Best Tablet For Hardcore Gamers

“This iPad has more power than most notebooks on market.”

Incredible graphics quality


Tons of storage

No headphone jacks


Specifications Of iPad Pro 11

Operating System – iOS
Screen Size – 11”
Resolution – 1668 x 2388 pixels
RAM – 4GB or 6GB
Disk Space 64, 256 or 512GB, or 1TB
CPU – Octa-core
Weight – 1.03 lbs
Battery Life – 13 Hours

The iPad Pro 11 Tablet For Games is the perfect tablet for mobile gaming if you don’t care about the price. This tablet is the best for iOS users. It is extremely light and packs a lot of power into a small package. It is possible to customize the storage options that you choose when you buy them. Even the smallest options offer more than others. There are options from 64GB to 1TB in storage space. This means that you can download many games and run them without any lag.

Apple even claimed that the iPad has more power than most notebooks. Although it’s bold, the performance isn’t lying. Because the screen is so large, it’s possible to run two apps simultaneously. If you need more screen space, you can choose the 12.9″ model. To give you even greater precision while gaming, the Pro can connect to a gaming controller. As well, you can set it up on a table and use a smart keyboard for games that benefit from keyboard macros.

The 7-core graphics rival the Microsoft Surface Pro’s graphics and are the most powerful you will find on a tablet. The graphics are sharp and clear, with the tablet’s highest resolution. You can skip headphones thanks to the excellent audio output from four stereo speakers. You don’t have much choice because there isn’t a headphone jack. Wireless headphones are the only option if you need them. It uses facial recognition technology instead of traditional fingerprint identification to unlock it because it is so new.

iPad Pro 11 Tablet is an iOS tablet that’s undoubtedly one of the most popular for gaming. Although it will be expensive, you won’t find better options if you are willing to spend.

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5. Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus

Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus For Games

Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus Best Value Tablets For Games

The Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus allows you to play a variety of games while on the move without spending a lot.



High quality audio output

There are some issues with the glare

Not very long-lasting

Specifications Of Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus

Operating System – Android
Screen Size – 10.1”
Resolution – 1200 x 1920 pixels
Disk Space – 64GB or 128GB
CPU – Octacore 2.0GHz
Weight – 1.02lbs
Battery Life – 8 hours

The Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus Best Tablet For Games is a great gaming tablet for those looking for the best value. The tablet also runs Android OS and can run many PC and Google PlayStore mobile apps. This is the most affordable option on our list, so it isn’t as functional as the other options. It will run most of the games that are available.

The Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus Tablet For Games offers decent audio quality for the price. The speakers are Dolby Atmos which mean you won’t need to use headphone when gaming or watching movies. Although it may not be able to run some games at their highest graphics capabilities, it can still save you a lot of money.

It is lightweight and easy to transport. It fits into most handbags and can be easily slipped into backpacks. Although it is not very sturdy, it does come with a price. You can expand your storage by using the MicroSD slot. This is useful because the base model does not offer much storage space. However, you can choose between 64 and 128GB.

Low resolution can cause some games to look grainy and reduce battery life. The Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus Best Tablet For Gaming is a great option for budget-minded gamers who want to be able to play multiple games while on the move.

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6. Amazon Fire HD 10

Amazon Fire HD 10 For Games

Amazon Fire HD 10 Best Budget Tablet For Games

“Excellent value and great for low-intensity games.”

Expandable storage

Plastic composition

Very affordable

Only 2GB RAM

Vivid colours

Limitless gaming options

Specifications Of Amazon Fire HD 10

Operating System – Fire OS
Screen Size – 10.1”
Resolution – 1200 x 1920 pixels
Disk Space – 32GB or 64GB
Quad-core CPU
Weight – 1.1lbs
Battery Life – 12 Hours

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Best Tablet For Games is a wildcard. The Amazon Fire HD 10 doesn’t use any standard operating systems. Instead, it uses an exclusive OS. It is called Fire OS. This model is comparable in price and specs to the Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus. This model is a good option for those who are on a tight budget.

The screen is larger than the previous model and has a decent HD resolution. Amazon Fire HD 10 Best Tablet For Game model has brighter colors, which means they have higher brightness and contrast. It offers Amazon features and access to the Amazon Underground gaming store. This is where it differs. Although there aren’t as many options as with Android or iOS, more are being released each day. Although the RAM is not great, it can still run most compatible games without any problems.

There are two storage options: 32GB and 64GB, as well as the option of expanding it with a Micro SD Card. This is a great way to save money and then upgrade later. You don’t even need headphones to hear the audio from the games. You can also use Alexa to speak commands. It’s not the best for gaming, but it has its perks. It’s made of plastic so it is not very durable. It’s the most affordable on the market and is great for low-intensity gaming.

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7. Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro

Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro Best Value Tablet For Games

The screen is large enough to be portable and has excellent visual capabilities.

Sleek design

It takes some time to get used to

A sharp display that reduces glare

The camera doesn’t work well

Four speakers provide solid audio output

Specifications Of Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro

Operating System – Android
Screen Size – 10.8”
Resolution – 2560 x 1600 pixels
Disk Space – 64GB
CPU – Octa-Core
Weight – 1.1lbs
Battery Life – 11 Hours

The tablets from Huawei have an Android OS and are a great value option. They also offer a better price than our other budget options. Although it doesn’t get enough attention it deserves. It is small enough to be portable and has excellent visual capabilities. The screen brightness reduces reflections and glare, but the bezels can be quite large. You don’t need headphones because there are four speakers that produce crisp audio.

The Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro Best Tablets For Games is sleek and elegant. Although it looks expensive, the price is very affordable. It is made of metal which makes it durable and strong. Although it may be running Android OS, that’s about all there is to Android technology. Huawei equipped it with the HiSilicon Kirin960 Octa-Core CPU, which provides some significant power.

The Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro Tablets For Gaming also comes with a stylus, which can be used for many purposes beyond gaming. It can be used for drawing, note-taking, and marking up photos or documents. Quick Charge is also available, which is a huge benefit for gamers who require quick charging. The battery lasts for 11 hours, provided you don’t run multiple apps at once.

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8. iPad Mini

iPad Mini For Games

iPad Mini The Best Mini Tablet For Games

“For people who want to take mobile gaming to the next level but don’t want a tablet in their hand”

Compact size

Less expensive than other Android models

High screen resolution

Could be too small for certain people

Long battery lifetime

Specifications Of iPad Mini

Operating System – iOS
Screen Size – 7.9”
Resolution – 2048 x 1536 pixels
Disk Space – 64GB flash or 256GB
Hexa-core CPU
Weight – 0.66lbs
Battery Life – 10 Hours

The small, but powerful iPad Mini is not to be missed. For those who want a step up from mobile phone gaming but don’t want to lug around a full-size tablet, the iPad Mini is the perfect middle ground. Apple is a trusted brand that we all recognize and the iOS operating systems works flawlessly. TheseiPad Mini Tablets For Games are half the price of the Pro version. This tablet will allow you to access the vast collection of mobile games available at Apple Stores.

Although iPad Mini Tablets For Games offers a high resolution, it is not necessary. A larger screen would make visuals appear crisper. We can still appreciate the best visual output. Although the Mini’s battery life is shorter than an iPad Pro or standard iPad, it’s still a great option. It can still run for up to 10 hours on a single charge, which should be sufficient for most users.

It can be easily slipped into a small purse or bag and fits in most people’s hands. It can be awkward to hold if your hands are smaller as it is too large to fit in one hand. The iPad Mini Tablets For Games is smaller than the other models in the series. Some games might look better because of this. Many of the games are optimized to be played on a phone and do not have any advantages when used on an iPad. Apps are constantly being improved to make them more compatible with iPads.

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9. Asus ZenPad 3S10

Asus ZenPad 3S10 For Gaming

Asus ZenPad 3S10 Best Budget Tablet For Gaming

“It has a powerful CPU and enough disk space to play most games without any problems.”

Asus is the king of gaming technology


High-performance CPU

Not the most efficient battery life

Specifications Of Asus ZenPad 3S10

Operating System – Android
Screen Size – 9.7”
Resolution – 2048 x 1536 pixels
Disk Space – 32GB or 64GB
CPU – Mediatek Mt8176
Weight – 0.95lbs
Battery Life – 10 Hours

Next on our list is the ZenPad 3S 10 by Asus. Asus ZenPad 3S10 tablet runs Android and is an affordable gaming option. Asus is a trusted brand in the gaming industry. They manufacture almost any component that you can imagine for gaming computers. Some of these include monitors, GPUS, laptops, sound cards, cooling systems, and of course, tablets. Asus is known for its dedication to gamers when creating products.

It is similar to the composition of the Galaxy Tab range by Samsung and the iPad. It delivers high contrast and bright images. It’s got a powerful CPU along with enough disk space to run most games without issue. You can expand the storage to make it more powerful. The Asus ZenPad 3S10 tablet comes with two NXP amp-powered speakers and a headphone port. It’s not the best placement, but your hands will probably cover it when you hold it vertically.

There are some cool features, such as the Splendid App, which is already available on the device and offers blue-light reduction. This will reduce the blue light that hits your eyes. The screen resolution is the same as that of the iPad Mini, however, the screen is a few inches larger. The Mini doesn’t require a high resolution because the screen is so small. The ZenPad’s high resolution will allow you to still see sharp images and minimal pixelation. It would be expected that it would last longer than the iPad mini due to its size. The battery life is about the same, with a maximum of 10 hours.

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10. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 For Games

The Best For Upgrading Overtime

There are also expansion options for storage. This allows you to upgrade as often as you want .”

Expandable storage of up to 1TB

Low power and only 2GB RAM


No fingerprint scanner

Luxury look

Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

Operating System – Android
Screen Size – 10.1”
Resolution – 1920 x 1200 pixels
Disk Space – 32GB, 64GB or 128GB
CPU – Samsung Exynos 7940 Octa-Core
Weight – 1.03 lbs
Battery Life – 10 Hours

We’ve selected another Samsung Galaxy Tab series tablet as our last gaming tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 is the cheapest option in the series. It performs well all around. It is large enough to display on, produces good sound quality, and is reasonably priced. There are also expansion options for storage. This allows you to upgrade as often as you want or as your budget permits.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 front is sleek and clean. The tablet’s front is clean and simple. There are no buttons or thick edges that eat up valuable space on the device. This allows for more room to view games or other media. The tablet has some metal parts in its composition that give it a luxurious feel without having to pay a high price. All controls are located on the tablet’s side. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 even features a headphone jack which is rare these days. You can also increase the storage to up to 1TB with a Micro SD Card, which is an incredible amount of storage for a tablet. The tablet has a USB-C port that can be used for charging, but it can also be connected to SSDs and USB-C hubs.

Although it has only 2GB RAM, the power output is not great. However, it should be able to run most Android games. The reliable chipset will help reduce battery consumption by stopping processes from running continuously when they are not needed.

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Great Gaming Tablet

Gaming is no longer restricted to bulky PC builds or high-functioning gaming laptops. Tablets offer incredible gaming experiences in a small package. Tablets are portable and can be taken anywhere you want. Compatibility is increasing and tablets no longer restrict you from playing simple games. You can now play the same games that you love on a PC on your tablet. You have a wide range of options and specs, so you can now make an informed decision and go out and get one. There’s a tablet for everyone, no matter what your needs are. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or be on a tight budget to get a great gaming tablet. These ten top gaming tablets will get you gaming until your heart’s content.

What Is A Gaming Tablet?

You know that you need a tablet to play games, but how is a gaming tablet different than a regular tablet? There are two types of gaming tablets. Some tablets run on OS systems that are specifically designed for tablets. Tablets that run a desktop OS, but with a smaller size, are also available. These tablets can also function as minicomputers. Tablets that are best for gaming will feature a touchscreen panel that can also be used as a notebook.

The types of games that you are interested in playing will determine which type to choose. A mobile OS system is best if you are looking for simple mobile games. You’re probably looking for something that supports high levels of gaming and is more powerful. Consumers want games with great graphics and challenging gameplay.

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GPU For Gaming Tablet

In 2016, laptops were the first to get powerful GPU options. In 2016, the demand for powerful graphics on portable devices was growing, so companies started creating products that could compete with computers. It hasn’t stopped there. Tablets are easier to carry, so the demand for powerful GPUs has increased. Tablets can now support a wide range of gaming options and are super-functional.

Why Not Choose A Laptop?

A tablet has the main advantage over a laptop in that it can be used as a touchscreen device. A touchscreen is especially useful for gaming because it allows you to interact with the game in a variety of ways. Some games will also include the option to use digital pens to draw. A tablet has another obvious advantage: it is portable. A large backpack is necessary, as well as a suitable sleeve for your tablet. These bags can be bulky and take up too much space. Tablets fit easily into most purses and bags. Tablets can be easily pulled out of bags and purses, whether they are in a car or on the bus. A tablet is an efficient and discreet option, especially if you are gaming while on the commute.

How To Choose The Best Gaming Tablet

Gaming tablets are not the same size as other products. Each tablet has its own unique features that make it stand out from the others. Here are the top features to look for when you’re looking for the best gaming tablet.

Things To Consider When Selecting Best Tablets For Games

1. Type Of Tablet

When you shop, you will see two types of tablets. These can be either in full-form or hybrid form. You will need to decide which one is best for you. You will need to choose operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows 10 and Windows 10. Tablets that can run as full-functioning computers, but in a smaller package, are on the opposite end of the spectrum. There will be a variety of apps and game options available on each type. You can also choose from a variety of price points.

2. Gaming Tablets Operating System

The operating system you choose will determine how your gaming experience. Your tablet’s compatibility with specific games will be determined by the operating system. This is a crucial deciding factor for gamers as many have a particular genre or type of games they prefer. It’s a smart idea to verify that your favorite games are compatible before you decide which operating system to use. This will allow you to narrow down your options and find the best gaming tablet for you.

Three major operating systems are likely to be found on the tablet market.

Windows 10: Windows 10 has the best OS to run non-mobile games. It’s the most popular OS for PC gaming and the preferred choice for those who are moving to the PC. Windows 10 tablets will work with most PC gaming platforms, including Bethesda and Steam. Although it is a complex process, you can still access the Google Play Store to play mobile games. Windows 10 is the best option for PC gamers who want a portable alternative.

iOS: The most popular tablet operating system, iOS is highly regarded. There is an iOS-only app store, and tons of iOS-only mobile apps. A tablet running iOS can sync with any Apple device (e.g., iPhone, MacBook) and send game data very quickly.

Android: Google Linux is the operating system for Android. You’ll be able to access the Google Playstore and all its apps easily. Many people discount Android OS but there are great tablets that can be used for gaming.

3. Gaming Tablets RAM

RAM stands for random-access memory. It doesn’t matter what device you purchase, RAM is an important consideration, especially when gaming. There are many factors that can impact the gaming experience. If we talk about the RAM in a gaming PC, you’ll find a minimum of 8GB of RAM in some, with upwards of 32GB in others. Tablets are smaller and therefore will have a lower range of RAM. For decent gaming quality, you can manage with 4GB RAM if you are gaming mostly on mobile devices. You’ll need more RAM if you plan to run non-mobile or higher-level apps. Models with 8GB RAM are the most expensive tablets.

4. Gaming Tablets Disk Space

It’s easy to confuse disk space with RAM. But there is a big difference. Disk space refers to the physical space where data is permanently stored on the device. This will limit the number of apps and games you can store on your tablet. Keep in mind that even though the operating system takes up some space, it can take up to 4GB. To get a better idea of how much disk space you have, subtract 4GB from the total. You can expect to use up your disk space quickly if you play large games or watch movies in high definition. Expandable disk space is a great option to have additional storage available in case your existing storage capacity fills up.

5. Gaming Tablets GPU

The GPU is often the first thing a gamer thinks of when looking at a gaming device. The graphics processing unit is the acronym. It’s because serious gamers demand the best gaming experience. Graphics are an important part of this. Important to remember that the GPU inside a tablet is different from what you will get on a gaming computer. A stock GPU won’t give you amazing graphics, even at high resolution. Mobile games will be fine with the stock GPU, as they aren’t too heavy on graphics. You might consider upgrading to a faster GPU if you plan on running non-mobile gaming. It’s not essential to stream games. However, if you don’t stream, it is important to take into account this aspect.

7. Gaming Tablets CPU

The central processing unit is also known as CPU. The processor of a device is most important for playing modern games that need some heavy power supply. The CPU isn’t directly related to gaming. The CPU is more important if you are editing video or running multiple applications at once. It can be confusing to find the CPU on a tablet because each one is different. You can choose a CPU to determine its specifications in a PC build. As you will see in our reviews, no two tablets have exactly the same CPU. It can be difficult to determine which tablet is the best. Consumer reviews are the best way to determine the CPU power of a tablet. These reviews will provide you with the most accurate information about the CPU’s power.

8. Gaming Tablets Resolution

The screen resolution determines how the image will display on your monitor. If your game is pixelated it can ruin the gaming experience. Tablets have smaller screens, so it is harder to see differences in resolution. Because resolution is the distance between pixels on a screen, a larger screen will result in pixels being stretched further apart. For this reason, when you’re running 4K on a TV or a monitor with 1080p, then you’ll want to sit farther away from the screen. You will be able see more pixels the closer you sit. This is because tablets have a smaller screen, so even images with a resolution of 1080p can look great. This is because the pixels are not stretched. We recommend that you do not get anything smaller than 1800×1200. This will ensure that you have the highest quality image possible on your tablet.

9. Gaming Tablets Screen Size

The screen size refers to the physical dimensions of your screen. What size do you prefer your screen to be? The screen size you choose will depend on your personal preferences and the purpose of the device. A small laptop screen would measure approximately 13 inches. This would be a very large tablet screen. Tablets would measure in at 8 inches. You can choose the right size based on how often you plan to use the tablet, and how far you’ll be taking it. Bigger isn’t always better. A tablet will be held close to your face and in your hands, so the better resolution it has, the easier it will be to see clear images. Even though the resolution may be lower, smaller tablets will still present higher quality imagery.

10. Gaming Tablets Audio Quality

Tablets are not known for their excellent audio output. It can sound similar to listening to audio from your phone but it can also sound undynamic. It is worth investing in gaming headphones that will deliver better audio quality. Look for a tablet with modern audio technology if you plan on watching movies or listening to music via the speakers. Newer tablets can produce decent sound quality up to 5.1.

11. Gaming Tablets Battery Life

For many gamers, battery life is a key factor to consider. You’ll be gaming while on the move or at work, so you need a good battery life. Your device going dead mid-game is the worst thing. This is especially true if you don’t have a place to charge your device. No matter what device you use, games can quickly drain your battery. You can prolong the battery life by charging your device while you are gaming. However, this can cause the device to overheat. Overheating can reduce the battery’s lifespan and make it less efficient. While most tablets can last for at least 10 hours, it is a good idea that you check before purchasing.

12. Gaming Tablets Weight

It is important to take into account the weight of your tablet. The lighter your tablet is, the easier it will become to carry around. Your tablet should weigh less than two pounds. Although it may not seem like much, it can make all the difference when you carry it around for hours. Tablets as small as.6lbs are also possible. However, it is likely that the more powerful the tablet will be, the lighter it will be.

13. Gaming Tablets Sim Card Slot

You’ll need a sim slot if you want mobile capabilities for your tablet. This will enable you to stream and use data functions on the move without having to connect to Wi-Fi. This feature may not be necessary for everyone, as you can both download and play offline many games over Wi-Fi. However, you can play some games online against other players, so you will need data even if you aren’t connected to Wi-Fi. A sim card allows you to use your tablet as an internet phone, such as sending and receiving text messages. This could be a perk.

14. Gaming Tablets Capabilities for Input and Output

When choosing a tablet, the last thing you should consider is its input/output capabilities. This will determine what devices you can plug into your tablets, such as a keyboard and mouse. Tablets often have touchscreen controls but some games might benefit from a keyboard. This is particularly true for games that are not mobile-friendly. Some tablets allow you to connect peripherals via Bluetooth. This is a great option. Others connect via USB. If you’re a serious gamer who plans to use a keyboard or mouse, make sure you check the input and output capabilities of the tablet before you purchase.

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