How To Become A Salesforce Developer: Tips And Basics?

Salesforce Developer

Salesforce development is a fast-growing IT with great potential to earn excellent pay and recognition in the industry. These skills allow individuals to test and exhibit their skills and provide reasonable job satisfaction. Based on research, average Salesforce developers earn around 0.5million/Month, and when you work with great development companies, you can earn up to 1 million.


If you are willing and interested in becoming a professional and unique Salesforce developer, this article will help you find the real way to achieve your dreams. You will learn how to become a Salesforce developer and the critical skills required to be an efficient Salesforce developer.


7 steps to become a qualified and professional Salesforce Developer

Earn Relevant Salesforce Certifications

Earn Relevant Salesforce Certifications

The first thing you need to have is a solid knowledge of Salesforce Admin. This knowledge includes theoretical knowledge and the right way to implement it in real situations. Due to this, consider investing your time and attention to clear your concepts while gaining the ability to use them professionally in life. Here are three different certifications you need to pass:


  • Salesforce Certified Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified App Builder


Get Platform Developer I (PD I) Certification

To efficiently become a Salesforce developer, you need to consider passing PD I certification. It is primarily concentrated on Apex, APIs, and Visualforce. For developers like mobile app development, there are two types every Salesforce developer must have: Platform Developer 1 and Platform Developer 2.


Integrate Salesforce in Your Daily Routine to Manage the Tasks

The Salesforce developer training certificates will only make you qualified, but the practice makes you perfect. So, if you want to build a custom software development firm identity as a competent Salesforce developer, you need to start using it for your task.


In technical terminology, it means you should integrate Salesforce into your daily routine. This will give you an idea of personalizing the Salesforce for your needs and meeting your preferences. One example of using Salesforce in your daily life is tracking the job application. Every application acts as an opportunity to be closed.


So, during your interaction with the Salesforce admin, try to use as many features as possible to widen your practical knowledge. This will help you to be the most relevant Salesforce developer to deliver an enhanced customer experience.


Join Salesforce StackExchange

The next step in becoming a qualified Salesforce developer is joining Salesforce StackExchange because one of the easiest ways to get expert answers to your Salesforce queries is Salesforce StackExchange. Apart from asking specific queries from an expert, you can also search for queries to widen your scope of knowledge in that field.


This Salesforce StackExchange platform is populated with valuable queries and detailed answers to improve your professional level. The platform has a scoring system based on your queries, and you don’t need to stress yourself if some answers are too complex for you to understand. Concentrate on more straightforward explanations first; then, you will understand complex ones with time.


Become a Member of a Local Salesforce Developer Community Group

A good Salesforce developer course will help you understand how to help development companies develop Salesforce and gain professional skills. Still, you also need to make the right connections in the community group.


The Salesforce developer community is a valuable group of Salesforce professionals who share their knowledge, build connections and help each other grow. You can join a Salesforce developer community group to make friends with Salesforce professionals. In this community, you will meet various people; some are new learners, professionals, experts, trainers, and recruiters. 


Becoming a member of this community will help you enhance your knowledge, seek and share companies’ information, and get an excellent job with a good pay scale through this community.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to be social. Introduce yourself to other members, talk about your experience with Salesforce, your professional achievements, and the workshops you attended.


Find a Mentor to Overcome Technical Bottlenecks

As a new Salesforce developer who just got certified, you may find it challenging to scale the initial journey in the Salesforce industry. You may feel lost midway in the process. Understanding coding languages may be a difficult task for you. 


In most cases, these so-called difficulties happen due to the mindset. So instead of getting overwhelmed, try concentrating your energy on completing a small task before gradually moving to challenging levels.


However, it will take several months before you fully understand how things go, even after the certification course as a Salesforce developer. So treat this time as a period to practically experiment with all that you have been taught in your training with real-life applications. With time you will get comfortable with different components of the Salesforce ecosystems like LWXs and Apex.


Also, if you are not coding professionally, get a technical mentor who can hold your hands, explaining the coding mistakes, advanced and professional coding practices.


Identify your Problem Areas and Work on Them

The last step in becoming a professional Salesforce developer is identifying the areas you don’t understand and working on them. You may feel a bit down after trying to ace Salesforce developer interviews, but it doesn’t work out. What you need in this situation is to learn from your mistakes and errors, then pick up the valuable titbits before you go for your subsequent virtual or physical interviews.


Critical Skills Required to Be an Efficient Salesforce Developer

To become an efficient Salesforce developer with great authority in your field, you need to achieve and develop the skills below:


Analytical Skills

To become an efficient Salesforce developer, you need to understand customer requirements and analyze them deeply. So to have detailed analytical capabilities and the ability to translate it into a design or code is a skill you must have as you start your career as a Salesforce developer. It will also enhance your job opportunities with custom software development companies.


Programming Skills

To become a qualified Salesforce developer, you need to understand programming and be comfortable with coding and other development tasks.


Communication Skills

As a Salesforce developer, you cannot work alone; it requires teamwork. So, you need communication skills. Collaboration with people and the ability to orchestrate your effort with other team members are essential. You should be able to put across your point in a technical concept. Also, keeping your point without missing out on any important information is another skill that places you as a competent Salesforce developer.


Problem Solving Skills

Like any other software development company, Salesforce developers are not free from errors. So due to this, you need exceptional problem-solving capabilities. It will allow you to overcome challenges and maintain the flow of the process.


Logical Skill

Also, logical skill is a skill you must have as a Salesforce developer. A logical review of a situation is a foundational skill for every Salesforce developer. You should be able to reason logically to arrive at a practically viable solution.



Now that you know how to become an efficient Salesforce developer and the necessary skills involved, what’s your plan with Salesforce? Perhaps you want to choose this career, or you are already a developer in any field, but you want to upskill by learning about Salesforce development.

Whatever your plan may be, Hanna Shnaider from FortySeven has got you covered. 


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