Education Through An Evolutionary Lens

Education Through An Evolutionary Lens

Education all around the globe has seen so many rapid changes in the last few decades. The things and techniques that were used earlier and not helpful anymore. Now new methods of teaching and different approaches to learning are introduced. The picture of education is now completely transformed. And in this transformation, technology has played a very important and vital role. The biggest evolution in the history of education came when technology became part of education. Technology has made the process of education or learning easier, faster, and accessible to the largest number of people. With the introduction of blended learning, online courses, or classes, the dynamic of education completely changed along with that the way students interact with the content of education also changed. Here we will see education through an evolutionary lens that how with the period of time, the education or process of learning and teaching revolutionized.

Moral and religious teaching:

In ancient times, the mindset of people was that only religious or moral education was important, and children were taught only religious education. In the beginning, education was religion-oriented. Kids were sent to churches for education. Religious education is always given importance in every culture and community. Religious education always comes first in almost every society. This s the big reason the first-ever picture of education comes on canvas in the form of religious education. Moral education is also usually connected with religion, but it mainly teaches the moral values of life to students, which help to lead their lives to the right path. Also, these moral values make them good humans that benefit others as well as society. Moral and religious education is part of education in modern teaching or times too.

Fewer subjects were taught:

With the passage of time and religious education, few other subjects were also taught to the students. Those subjects include mathematics, philosophy, and education in medicine. The experts of these subjects taught these subjects to their students. Although there were no good schools or universities at that time, the process of education or learning was still there. Even when we look at history, we find out that most famous philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, and chemists belong to this time period.

Teachers were the only source:

Then a time came when there were a proper system of education was established for the students. The teachers were the only source of knowledge at that time. Although there were books by famous writers, they were not accessible to every student. So all the students knew or learned was what the teachers taught in the classroom. This is the reason that the students have limited knowledge, and they do not have an opportunity to learn on their own, or they have to work so hard if they want to conduct research about something. Because the content available to students is either very limited or the students cannot access them.

Small classrooms:

The classroom size was small because the influence of people towards education was less, and usually, girls were restricted and were not sent to the schools for education. So the strength of students was less. Along with that, another reason is that the teachers or instructors were in small numbers, so they could not teach a large number of students at the same time. Schools were also not available in every area, so students had to walk a lot so far. And at that time, there were not enough resources in the classroom to teach a large number of students at once. The teacher came into the classroom, gave lectures, and wrote everything on the blackboard, and students were supposed to copy and memorize everything. That was the only method of teaching in the classroom.

Learning with technologies:

But with time, as the world and societies changed the education also revolutionized. When the societies moved towards industrialization, technology became an important part of the world which completely changed the dynamics of the world. Now the technology made its place in education and educational institutions. Teachers started taking help from technology for better teaching and learning experience of the teachers. And the collaboration of technology gave amazing and drastic results. Multimedia, computers, videos have become an integral part of the classroom. Now, after the evolution, we cannot think of a classroom that is not integrated with technology.

Free availability of content:

Another change in education came is that know every type of information, knowledge is available for everyone. Anyone can easily access educational content without any hustle. Even books are also easily available on the internet. So the students who were facing problems during studies are resolved now. There are so many different videos available on the internet in which all the concepts are well explained, and students find it easy to learn from there.

Online classes:

The world had also witnessed some major changes in education during the pandemic of COVID-19. At that time, we see how educational institutions struggle to bring everything back on track and continue the education process. At that time, almost every educational institution find substitution in a way by switching to online classes. The process of learning, which was disrupted because of COVI-19, came back on track. After all, online classes provide the same experience because everyone can easily interact and see each other.

Skilled based courses:

Now there are so many online courses available on the internet that are easily accessible to all are very useful. These online courses are academic as well as skilled-based courses. The academic courses provide help to students academically. There is a big contribution of nursing dissertation writing service to help students complete their pending courses and assignments online, whereas skilled-based courses made people skilled. After completing those courses, even if they have not completed their education, they can start earning. These online courses have grabbed people’s attention because there are no hard and fast rules or restrictions for these courses. Anyone can get enrolled in these courses. And no matter which part of the world you live in if you have a gadget like a laptop or mobile and internet you can easily complete these courses any time of the day.

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