Duda Website Builder

Duda Website Builder

What Is Duda Website Builder?

Before we dive into the capabilities, let’s first define the Duda web builder. It’s a WordPress builder that isn’t just responsive to mobile users but is it is also an important player in the building of websites. The builder lets you transfer information from social media sites or an existing website or begin from scratch and construct your brand new online identity in your own style. This is accomplished with Duda’s user-friendly tools.

For agencies or freelancers looking to create multiple websites for clients, this software is designed the right tool for you. It could be the most effective website builder but has top features for creating websites quickly. The management function is the main reason it is unique. It allows you to build perfect services effortlessly. Another area where this builder excels in is its design. This is the ideal choice for your site if you wish it to appear stylish and modern. With well-organized layouts and designs it will be an easy time creating your site.

If you’re designing websites on a tight budget, this isn’t the right choice for you. You won’t have all the flexibility in design you’re looking for. It’s not advisable to push editing of templates too far because it could cause problems. In reality, we’ve witnessed better websites with less expensive starter costs. If you believe this is the perfect website builder, why not give it a try the software today. Take advantage of its 14-day free trial to learn more about the features it offers. offer.

Duda Website Builder No For Additional Software Required

There is no requirement for additional software. What makes this program amazing is Duda templates that can be used to build your own. It is simply a matter of picking one, and then modify it to suit your needs. It is possible to do this through adding pictures, altering the text, or by creating new pages. You can also create your own widgets if you’d like to. It’s not even necessary to search for a website host after you’ve customized your website. You’ve just published it online and this incredible tool can host your website for you. This eliminates the additional cost and stress that comes with technical information.

Anyone can make use of Duda website builder as it doesn’t require any technical expertise to create websites. Designers who work with many clients and are looking to design their own websites will be delighted by Duda. Most people who utilize this program are freelancers and agency employees.

Pro solution. It’s a fantastic site builder software that gives resellers everything they need to improve their margins and grow their business. The Pro version includes a full collection of widgets. You will find everything you need to manage your site. From personal blogs or commercial website, everything is met. In terms of user-friendly design, Duda white label website builder is currently on the cutting edge.

How Easy Is Duda Website Builder To Use?

In our tests of Duda We can assure you that the scores were quite impressive. It ranked third in our overall beginner-friendliness due to its ease of use. You’ll need an email address as well as a password in order to sign up to get an free trial. The site can be created within a matter of minutes without any effort. Because it’s the Duda web builders is a drag and drop builder that doesn’t require the skills of a programmer to create custom Duda templates. To modify your pages, simply click on the drag and drop button and then write until you’re satisfied with the results you get.

If you’re using structured templates that you can easily customize your website in a matter of just a few minutes. This is the reason that creating a site using Duda site creator is a quick time. However, it restricts the possibility of creating your own website, as opposed to Wix. Wix lets you changes to the entire web structure at will without any limitations. Templates have rules that will guide you in how to position different elements in your design. Don’t exceed the limit because this could cause problems for you which makes it difficult to use it. This is among the disadvantages we faced when using Duda.

How Good Are Duda Website Builder Templates?

I’m going to be clear with you and explain that the way it really is. In terms of style, Duda stands above the others. This website creator offers professional-designed templates that you can choose from. To make it even more appealing the templates will come with 10 templates with blanks that let you to construct from scratch. The filter feature lets you to narrow your search and find the information you need quickly. Ten categories are available to select from, so that it’s impossible to miss what want to find. The categories include portfolio, travel, online store, and business.

Duda Website Builder Simple And Elegant Templates

The majority the Duda templates are elegantly designed, simple and elegant. Making your website with this tool will give you the most effective results when compared to the other templates. Prior to selecting your template, you can test it out to determine if it’s the one you want to style. They enhance it by allowing users to browse on any device, even mobile phones. This will ensure that you receive exactly what you need for your business and nothing more. It is possible to customize templates in accordance with the device you are using, making sure that your website is always up to date. It means that your site will always appear professional regardless of the design you use.

Duda Website Builder Easy To Switch Editors

Through the Duda Website Builder, it is easy to switch between different editors for your device. This means that you can be able to create the most attractive website on every device. As long as you’re proficient with the style that is created for your site it is fine. Changes made are visible on the screen, not hidden behind the scenes on a different page. Anyone who is using this software can easily modify prefilled content and add new sections. They include galleries, testimonials and contact forms. In just a few clicks you can alter images and alter the background color. The builder allows you to easily alter your menu layouts as well as border widths.

Making your site easier because you have already-designed sections you can select from. The pre-filled layouts will can make your site look more attractive from every angle. However, altering the layout of your website is difficult. Wix however, on contrary, lets you the drag and drop of images and other items on your website.

Duda Website Builder For The Flexibility Of Design

When you’re looking for the flexibility of design, Duda web builder remains the most flexible. It’s just as Squarespace as well as SITE123. Design is what the app concentrates on when it comes to creating websites. When we refer to design, we are referring to the way it appears and how user-friendly. This can be achieved by following the most effective design guidelines. If you’re using this tool make sure you don’t use the template you’d like to modify later. This could cause issues when you need to alter something that you do not like.

Creating Your Website – The Basics

The purpose of this article is to spare your from the frustrations of beginning users. So, we’re going provide the basics of how it functions.


Rows Pages on your website are composed of what we refer to as a “row.” These rows make up the width of your page and you are able to delete and add rows as numerous rows as you want. This includes the content sample.

columns: “Columns” are the contents of every row. They allow you to insert widgets like text blocks and images. Each line can have several columns, based on your preference.

Sections Content pieces that are pre-made which include menus, features or testimonials are often called “sections.” You can include these elements in the row in order to avoid creating the elements from scratch while editing.

Tools & Features Of Duda Website Builder

Duda websites are reliable and speedy hosting, as well as a customized domain name. This lets you create backups of your website and store them in Amazon Cloud in case you require them in the future or you want to duplicate the design of other websites. Duda website builder includes templates that have been professional-designed and optimized for every device, including PCs phones, tablets, and PCs with no additional steps required. These templates come with unique designs and color schemes designed to be able to adapt to your needs. It comes with an integrated drag and drop editor which lets you create your website using free images and text, maps, and widgets, in whatever way you want. For those who are tech-savvy user, it is possible to access the coding to gain more control over your options. It offers an array of features for E-commerce for all devices, which include tracking codes, a variety of shipping and payment options as well as the ability to sell electronic goods. It’s easy to use, simple and has no sign for registration required to test it out which makes Duda an ideal choice to build a site for your business or for a client.

Visitor Experience is Personalization

The Personalization Tool is an amazing feature that’s not found among other developers. You’ll love this unique feature that lets users to establish rules for certain users. This feature allows you to could have an image or video display for those who are in a particular zone. Another excellent example is to design the click-to-call pop-up for anyone who is using a mobile device. While Duda’s Duda website builder comes with 16 pre-defined rules, it allows users to create their own.

Contact Form

This tool lets you stay in touch with your customers by creating contact forms. You can also customize your contact forms to include surveys as well as price quotations.

Social Media

Duda is a powerful integration with social media networks to facilitate sharing of updates and content. It gives you every major social media share along with follows buttons. These are Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, and many others.

Reviews from customers

Do you have any existing Yelp reviews? It’s easy to show them on your website by simply dragging to the Yelp widget. If there aren’t any reviews on your page yet We have testimonials which can be manually edited. Here’s an example:

Bookings/appointment scheduling

As compared to Wix users can’t make appointments directly, as Duda does not come with an integrated platform. But, with an HTML widget, it is possible to integrate a third-party app. This can be found on your main menu. Duda advises Calend.ly.


In terms of reservations, the builder does not offer an in-built email system. It does however allow users to build a beautiful opt-in form. It is created with the form builder standard and, with it, you are able to collect email addresses. It is possible to later integrate the form into one of the major email services like MailChimp..

Members log in

This builder does not have the ability to build membership websites. It does allow users to choose the password that will protect your websites with sensitive data.


Most builders will suggest that you make use of Google Translate. This isn’t a good alternative, and in many cases, it will not assist you. This is the reason why you should make use of this Duda website builder, as it can be the best tool for creating bilingual websites. It supports all the of the major languages as well as being very friendly to both search engines and users.

The search engines

Duda websites let you access SEO settings on a site as well as page-by-page. This allows you to easily modify titles, descriptions and URLs of pages. The program does this by creating a websitemap, which is sent for submission to Google or Bing. Your customers will trust your website as it comes with SSL security. Also, for visually impaired users it is possible to provide alt descriptions to your images. All of these efforts go toward improving your SERP.

Statistics on visitors

Duda offers built-in tools to assist you in keeping the track of your visitors and their interaction with your website. It will let you be aware of how many visitors have visited your site, and the pages that were visited. Google Analytics is an alternative that is also great.


The process of adding a blog is simple once you’ve built your blog using this builder. It’s as easy as just a few clicks in your admin page. It’s easy and you can also include tags, dates author names, tags and share buttons to your posts. Additionally, you will be able to access an search box, a widgets for your recent posts, and content backup. This is amazing, however, there’s still need to improve. We believe they should allow users to categorize their posts and then schedule posts. Also, they don’t provide an option to allow users to comment. For now, users are able to only leave comments on Facebook. comments or express their opinions.


The one word you can use to define the Duda store is”exquisite!” The tool lets you create an online store with a variety of its eCommerce templates. The tools also offer the possibility to add a store once you’ve created your site. You can make use of your store to sell digital as well as physical items. This builder can sell as many as 10 items in you become a free member.

This is something that other retailers and builders do not offer. Also, you’ll enjoy the additional options that some stores offer. They include SKUs and products weights, as well as an option to offer discounts. Additionally, there are options to accept payments via credit card, PayPal, or telephone orders. Additionally, you can be able to see in real-time shipping costs from the carriers as well as tax rates.

Other Features Of  Duda Website Builder

Other options include:

Image Manipulation

Have we mentioned that you could include free images or stock pictures? Yes, and on top of that, you can alter your images using cropping rotation, resizing, and rotating tools. The builder is compatible with images downloaded from Google Drive and Dropbox. We also have widgets that can be used for making albums, sliders for images galleries, and image sliders. Also, you will get over 1,000 icons.

Search Engine Optimization

Other tools to assist you to optimize the SEO process include Open Graph integration with LinkedIn and Facebook. Users can also personalize metadata, sitemaps that are automatically accessible and alternative images with text. The majority of plans support redirects to 301.

Developer Mode

While many website builders do not allow you to insert to your HTML or CSS codes, Duda does. In addition to the drag-and-drop interface it also lets you modify.

Multi-Language Translation

Users can build various versions of their website by using Google Translate in 55+ languages. To improve the quality of your translation you can look for errors in the translation through editing the pages.

Custom Domains

The most expensive price tier, it is possible to make a site with the domain you want to use. You are only granted a subdomain name in the free version of Duda (yoursite.dudamobile.com.)

Customer Permissions

If you wish to restrict users’ access to the dashboard version. Permissions that are granted in granular form allow you to permit or deny modifications made to your website by your visitors.

Duda Website Builder Customer Support & Service

There are a variety of options for support that are available on Duda. If you’re a free membership, you can only access the community support. However, this is extensive and has many categories to pick from and a simple to use search function. If you upgrade your subscription you will get excellent supportfrom the beginning by email.

There’s no way to use live chat on their website, however they do allow users to reach them on social media. If you sign as a reseller for Duda Pro, you’ll get access to support priority along with high-speed speed and hosting advantages.

You have access to a variety of customer service options through this builder. It is contingent upon the pricing plan you’ve selected. Below is a breakdown for each plan as well as the services that come with it:

The basic plan Support via email only

team plan provides email telephone, chat, and email

agency plan – Offers priority email, phone and chat

There are other support channels offered by Duda. You can also discover guides and articles through their help center, regardless of your plan you choose. They also provide access to marketing materials, webinars, as well as product updates.


If you are just starting out your journey, the best place to seek answers is through the Duda Help Center. The live chat feature will also give you answers to questions about argent that are answered by chatbots. To get the most benefit from this service, make sure to make chat questions easy to understand.

PROS & CONS Of Duda Website Builder


Start with a blank canvas , or make use of modern and stylish templates

You can build amazing multi-lingual Duda websites.

Particular users will be targeted thanks to

It comes with a variety of applications and widgets that you can create or simply incorporate into your site

Simple to navigate online store platform

White label solutions are available for access.

It is the most simple web builder

Whatever device you use, your website will always appear nice


The learning curve is a bit steep.

Live help isn’t available

If you expand the editing of templates template, it could be difficult to implement.

It’s not the most cost-effective builder.

Duda Website Builder Vs Competitors

There are numerous similar web builders that allow you to create a website using no technical skills. They include builders like Wix, Squarespace along with Weebly with nearly the same features.

Let’s look at how they compare with one another


Duda stands out from with its numerous templates that are well-designed. This lets you create a stunning and beautiful website regardless of the subject matter. It also offers options such as widgets as well as customization and plugins that aren’t as common with other builders. It’s just similar to WordPress but without any learning curve. Do you possess a codding ability of D-grade however, you want to design a high-quality website? Take a look at Duda because Duda will assist you in doing this quickly and easily.

Duda Pricing – Which Plan Is Right For You?

Duda website builder provides a free membership that allows users to create a website that is adaptable on all platforms. It offers community support and hosting, a Duda domain hosting account, as well as an 30-day test for InSite.

It’s easy to choose the best pricing plan since there are just three plans. One plan is free and the remaining two plans require payment for. It’s a free plan. free plan doesn’t offer access to all features , and it also has advertisements. But it’s an excellent option for those with 10 items to sell in your online store.

Business+ The next plan, and comes with SSL safety, multi-lingual features and there are no ads. The plan allows users to market up to 10 items as well as access designer mode and backups.

If you choose to pay each year you’ll pay an upfront cost of $14.25/month

For those who wish to pay on a monthly basis the cost will be $19/month

With the cost of $299, you will be able to enjoy this plan for the rest of your life.

Enterprise + eCommerce plan gives you access to all online shop tools. It also lets you make up to 2500 items.

You pay $22.50/month that is payable at the beginning of each month.

If you wish to pay per month for a month, it will cost $29 each month.

The most expensive package that is available for $22.50 per month. It permits you to put 100 items in unlimited areas within your online store. It also lets you make use of more than 30 payment services to attract business as well as substantial reviews of products that integrate with Facebook. If you’re still in need of additional space, you can put up to 2500 items on your site at $36.75 monthly. If you’re interested in joining the Duda Pro Reseller program, it begins at $249 for the year. This includes discounts on each website that you offer, as well as an access to the 30 day free trial. Keep in mind that they are all annual plans. Month-to-month plans are offered at a higher cost.


If you have any other pressing issues you’d like us to tackle You can simply send us an email. We will do our best to provide you with answers.


Today over 50 percent of people who use the internet access the web via mobile devices , as opposed to desktops. If your site can be responsive to mobile users will have a smooth experience getting to it. Websites that aren’t responsive designs provide poor user experience. And this isn’t good for your business.

Another benefit for responsive sites is the fact that a lot of users search the web on the mobile device. It is important to reach this market by making your website mobile-friendly.


Duda is a fantastic builder that you can use for those who are starting your own small-scale business online. But, it was not built for large-scale businesses. Smaller projects are great for the builder when you’re looking to test the water.

Marketing agencies and web designers are advised to know that Duda is also available as Duda Pro. It’s an white label version that can be used to give the websites of their clients the latest look.


At present, there isn’t an alternative to exporting your site as they provide (SAAS). This is in line with their explanation. Another issue is that the method they design their websites doesn’t allow the users to transfer their site. White label users have to be aware of this when creating specifications for their clients’ technology.


Duda is a fantastic website builder that is suitable for both business and personal use. It’s simple to use and comes with a myriad of additional tools to make your online shopping experience top-quality and marketing. They also offer an outstanding premium reseller program that offers discounts on prices and other benefits for hosting. What they excel at is the InSite feature, in which websites can be customized to include relevant customer content that is tailored to each user.

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