Best Whocpa.Asia CPA Affiliate: How To Find Nutra Offers For Asia

CPA Affiliate

CPA network is an affiliate program with offers that pay for specific actions performed by users. That is, not impressions or clicks are paid, but an approved lead – a confirmed application with contacts. A contact form is filled in, embedded on the website or landing page, and sent to the call center. The form usually consists of several fields – email and username. It has its own identifier, which makes it possible to link the resulting lead to a specific webmaster. The work of the affiliate program includes the following stages:

  • Receiving an application by the call center – a lead from an affiliate;
  • Processing an application;
  • If the lead is confirmed, affiliates receive a financial reward for each nutra-offer or other vertical.

The Whocpa CPA network is the best product affiliate that deals with nutra for Asia. If you are interested in this GEO, register on

Nutra vertical for Asian traffic

Nutra offers is a vertical offering a variety of health and beauty products. These include dietary supplements, creams, ointments, tablets and other products that are made from natural ingredients. Common niches in the vertical:

  • Slimming products;
  • Cosmetics and face masks;
  • Enlargers and potency (male “adult” offers);
  • Anti-smoking, anti-alcohol Tooth whitening Hair and nail care products;
  • Patches for sprains, inflammation;< /li>
  • Vitamins and dietary supplements;
  • Antiparasitic and antifungal drugs;
  • Herbal preparations for various diseases;
  • Drugs for diabetics, hypertensive patients;
  • Eye preparations;
  • Products to strengthen the immune system and more.

These funds have a fairly large target audience, since many people want to quickly be beautiful and healthy.

Why you should choose CPA

There are many affiliate programs that offer nutra offers for the geos of Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, etc. However, there are some advantages that indicate that Whocpa should be preferred .asia:

  • Direct advertiser with a low percentage of commissions;
  • Unique offers;
  • Oriented only to Asian regions, which increases conversion by several times;
  • High stakes;
  • Average 30% approval;
  • Easy withdrawal;
  • Quality call center work;
  • Loyalty for novice webmasters.

If you want to drive nutra traffic to Asia, then WhoCPA is the best choice for you. This AP accepts traffic from various sources, and those who provide high-quality traffic in large amounts receive higher rates.

How to get started with

Getting started with is easy! To do this, you need to go through a quick registration of the webmaster. After that, you are given the opportunity for high-quality traffic flow in Indonesia – the most complete catalog of nutra-offers, a personal manager, technical support, and more. If you have any difficulties when working with an affiliate program or when choosing an offer, you can contact the manager for help. Communication with the Whocpa manager is carried out through a personal account or email.

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