Best Sales Automation Software for Businesses

Sales Automation

The use of sales automation software makes it easier for businesses to handle the activities and procedures involved in making sales. What professionals are trained to do is calculate critical metrics such as win-loss ratios, conversion rates, and lead times. Within minutes, they collect sales history records, convert leads into conversions, analyze performances, generate reports, and convert leads into sales.

During the process of creating leads and converting those leads into actual sales, sales teams confront a variety of challenges. Lead generation is the first step in the sales cycle, followed by collecting money from consumers as the final step. Every stage of the sales process is overseen by a sales team member, who is responsible for an important role. On the other hand, a salesperson spends most of their time not engaging in core sales activities but executing manual chores repeatedly and creating documentation of each exercise.

Automation of the sales process is the answer to all of these issues. With the use of specially developed software, actions, events, and paperwork that require a repetitive nature can be completed automatically through sales automation. In addition, this automation takes care of controlling inventories, performing routine documentation, sending out email reminders, and drafting standard contracts. The way sales teams work and carry out their strategies has been altered due to sales automation. However, sales automation can’t replace sales representatives.

Large firms utilize sales automation for numerous goals. It helping salespeople to spend more time on critical duties such as refining their sales jobs, qualifying and working prospects, and offering more individual attention to generate successful leads, which in turn is making salespeople more valuable. Some sales teams use these platforms to carry out particular duties associated with the sales process, such as cold emailing or prospecting. On the other hand, some teams employ sales automation software to fully automate any activities that are helpful to the sales process. The following is a list of the Best Sales Automation Software which offers cutting-edge tools and capabilities to improve the productivity of the large businesses.

  • Freshsales
  • PhoneBurner
  • Sales Creatio
  • SalesExec
  • Pipedrive
  • HubSpot Sales


Freshsales is a high-quality customer relationship management system developed for high-velocity sales teams to monitor their contacts and respond to their questions. The application is a centralized platform for managing contacts and can keep track of thousands of leads while maintaining an intuitive user experience. The software incorporates all of the features necessary for CRM systems and offers a solution that helps prioritize pipeline possibilities and maximize sales. Your staff will be able to send mass messages using personalized templates, synchronize and schedule them using calendars, and connect them with contact data to send all of the necessary details thanks to the application.

Using Freshsales, you can obtain a history of contacts made during communication with a customer to understand their interests better. You can assign notes or numbers to your contacts or call them if necessary to retain a record of the history of discussions that have taken place with customers. The application can monitor the performance of representatives, and generate greeting messages, route calls, and auto-dial calls. Successful deals can be made with hot leads and contacts when approached.

It displays the list of connections on an exact timetable depending on the behavior, as well as the emails of those contacts and other information that is relevant to those contacts. It displays won, lost, and pending negotiations and provides a 360-degree picture of all communications and other facts using scoring based on artificial intelligence (AI). In addition to predefined emails, pipeline, and area reports, it enables you to generate individualized reports for each opportunity, contact, and contract.


The cloud-based program known as PhoneBurner was developed to boost sales teams’ overall productivity. This application offers basic capabilities for managing contacts and tracking emails. It gives sales team’s complete control over the dialing experience and includes the Local Caller ID tool to increase the percentage of calls that receive a live answer. Your calling procedure will be improved as a result, and your sales professional will be able to make contact with 80 leads each hour.

A built-in distribution platform, LeadBurner, is used to distribute leads to the appropriate agents to increase the likelihood of a conversion. You have the option of selecting the more advanced method of lead distribution to work efficiently. Automating post-call tasks, such as setting dispositions or statuses for each contact, will save agents time and be a time saver overall. Built-in CRM capabilities facilitate on-the-spot email sending and make contact management more efficient. It may keep track of emails and record phone calls to guarantee that your team is accountable and transparent.

You can construct individualized reports based on the most critical indicators to you and effectively monitor your team’s performance. The manager can exchange content with new agents and track each individual agent’s performance through the Dashboard. The software may record each email and phone call, providing thorough information that can be used to analyze and diagnose performance issues. The advanced search option has several filters, which enable you to identify contacts based on various criteria, including the outcome of their most recent call, location, tags, contact activity, email status, and more.

Sales Creatio

The online sales automation tool Sales Creatio helps convert prospects into repeat customers by automating the sales process. It provides capabilities for order management as well as templates for invoices. Additionally, the application logs interactions with customers, contact information and account history. It is an all-inclusive tool for contact and lead management that provides a 360-degree perspective of customers for your help in the administration of sales operations.

Integrations with social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, help augment client data in a business’s database. It provides additional options for communicating with other members of the team or with consumers, as well as for exchanging information with them. You can assign a weight to each parameter, as well as select a supervisor to examine the profiles that have been established. You can plan out your tasks and link those chores with the opportunities, transactions, and agents that are most relevant to them.

The user can quickly deduce information by comparing significant signs and working with intelligent tools. This process can be completed in a matter of seconds. In addition to this, he can assess and analyze the success of a particular deal, as well as its progress, and compare this to the projected sales. In addition, the software includes capabilities that allow users to classify orders according to budgets, statuses, owners, and accounts. You can see each order’s progress, enabling efficient processing of transactions for your customers.


The communication and lead management features of SalesExec make it an excellent tool for salespeople working in local brand offices, contact centers, or even out in the field. Communication methods that are both varied and convenient, such as email, text messaging, inbound call routing, and outbound dialing, are all available to professionals. You can increase the number of leads and prospects you can access by utilizing fully-featured outbound dialing. Utilize automatic prioritization to maximize your chances of reaching potential leads and expanding your local presence.

You can make advertising sources, collect web prospects and incoming phone calls, and stop any lead leakage that the manual entry of lead details may have caused. A conjunction with the RingResponse tool enables it to make up to three hundred calls daily. The software connects smoothly with platforms and applications used in various industries, including tourism, education, home services, and real estate. It is possible to link applications such as Zillow, SoftVu, and LendingTree to its AP service.

The service also provides mobile apps, allowing users to communicate with leads regardless of location or time. Your team can select lead specifications that will automatically receive the most advantageous leads for each member. If they are unable to reach potential customers, they might leave a message on their voicemail that has been prerecorded. It features an interactive voice response system and intelligent inbound call routing for effective inbound management. You can obtain numbers to display on your advertisements or campaigns.


Pipedrive is currently the market leader in the CRM software category and is widely regarded as one of emerging companies’ most effective sales management solutions. It will assist you in organizing your company, giving you a summary of your revenue, and helping you concentrate on the most important deals. Create an account, then conduct the laborious and time-consuming chores uncomplicatedly. This program allows you to integrate your work with other third-party business apps, such as Google Contacts and Calendar, to make your job more efficient.

This solution enables you to manage your firm’s sales pipeline properly and differentiate between high-priority transactions and currently active deals. It offers adaptable ways to keep lead relationships and negotiate a sale. You can change the terms of your job, create unique offers to promote your business and turn the entire module off and on as needed. Moreover, it is possible to use a wide variety of currencies, and it is available in thirteen different languages to accommodate users worldwide.

You can work with mobile web versions of apps using the browser of your choice to access all of the app’s functionality whenever you want, wherever you are. You are able to receive the current status of your Loses, Wins, Newness, Activities, and People from the Dashboard, as well as personalize a report that will reflect all areas of your performance. You will be able to export the information that the software has gathered to other programs and save all discussions and relevant details in a consolidated database. Because it utilizes an open application programming interface, it is compatible with all business systems, including Zapier, Dropbox, Zoho CRM, MailChimp, and RightSignature.

HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales is a powerful e-commerce platform allowing users to build and automate various sales operations. The application streamlines processes that are related to sales, freeing up more time for use in other endeavors. In addition to automatically sending reminders and follow-up emails, you can also transform communications into standardized templates that can be used in the future. The user-friendly and cutting-edge navigation, centered on the internet and does not require pricy installations or complex configurations, is provided. It will make it easier for your sales agents to increase revenue and close more sales in a shorter amount of time.

You can automate your outreach by writing a series of customized emails and sending them out in sequence. You can engage your clients by creating email templates and inserting meeting link references into each communication. You can track your clients’ activities and receive alerts when it occurs, for example, when they view the emails you send them. Your critical contact information will be displayed on your customizable Dashboard after you input it into the program. When a client opens an email, it automatically gathers essential metrics, including their contact information, the number of clicks they make, and their location.

The inbound marketing suite allows you to request that a customer fill out a specific form to supply them with products that are important to them. It provides connectivity with reputable sales management solutions and central customer relationship management systems such as Sugar, NetSuite, Base, or Zoho. You can obtain a comprehensive picture of the goods and services you promote. You can assess the performance of various agents and give them rewards by using the program’s interaction with HubSpot CRM to analyze the sales pipeline, including transactions that have been won and deals that have been lost and are still ongoing.


The above-discussed Sales Automation systems offer improved sales and marketing tools and capabilities, allowing you to do more sales and marketing chores automatically while freeing up more of your time to work on other important initiatives. They enable sales teams to sell products with fewer clicks, saving them time and allowing them to sell more things. Most of these applications also provide iOS and Android apps, which give users of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets the ability to operate from any location at any time.

Programs may keep a close eye on your business campaigns and provide you with granular data and insights. These systems allow salespeople to access a centralized database with complete information about contacts and arrange all assignments and tasks in their calendars. Using these programs, you’ll be able to generate accurate and comprehensive reports that contain graphs, charts, indicators, and critical metrics, among other graphical elements.

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