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The Best Netflix Anime Movies 2022

The popularity of Japanese anime within the U.S. is not entirely new — classics such as “Naruto,” “Sailor Moon” and “Dragon Ball” are a few of examples from the beginning but there’s no doubt the medium has consolidated its presence. The smash success of franchise movies like “My Hero Academia” World Heroes Mission” and “Demon Slayer: Mugen Train” at the box office suggest the growing interest of U.S. audiences. Additionally, stars such as Megan Thee Stallion have embraced their own passion for Japanese culture. Japanese medium. This Halloween alone , there were anime-inspired costumes worn by “Euphoria” actor Hunter Schafer, YouTuber Bretman Rock, and many others.

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This phenomenon is one that Netflix has swiftly capitalized on, and has led to it becoming a hub for all sorts of. Its growing catalog of animation across all genres and demographics from comedies with a lighthearted tone like “Monthly Girls”Nozaki-kun” to originals such as “Violet Evergarden.” Away from the days of hunting for multiple YouTube clips of their most-loved shows, fans of anime are now able to enjoy a variety of programming. Netflix certainly has demonstrated interest in attracting their viewers.

Anime To Watch On Netflix 2022

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Here are a few of the most popular Netflix anime series, available to be watched after a space journey in the company of Spike Spiegel and crew.


A comedy look at the daily existence of a red panda called Retsuko who is working an occupation she doesn’t like “Aggretsuko” is a scathing critique of the working conditions that cause burning out. The adorable Retsuko discovers her own peace through heavy-metal singing sessions after work. When she has the opportunity to revel in her angst without the scrutiny of others, Retsuko belts about her career, life and relationships in a sacramental bit of screaming-therapy.

Blue Period

The ambivalent but studious High school pupil Yatora Yaguchi discovers a love for art that alters the direction in his own life. In complete reorientation of his plans to the next stage, Yatora enrolls in the club for art at the school and is able to meet an array of characters with a colorful past. “Blue Time” is currently running every week on Netflix.

Carole & Tuesday

Carole Stanley and runaway Tuesday Simmons are two women with very different backgrounds. They are bonded by music and perform together in the futuristic Martian city. The show is produced by Shinichiro Watanabe and is also the director behind “Cowboy Bebop” and includes a collection that includes original tracks.

Cowboy Bebop

The 1998 anime upon the basis of which Netflix’s live-action series is basedon “Cowboy Bebop” is a Neo-noir tale about the bounty-hunting space-based crew of the Bebop. Spike, Jet, Faye, Ed and lovable corgi Ein become involved in a variety of adventures as their pasts are brought back to be a source of pain in the popular sci-fi Western.

Death Note

A reflection on morality and justice “Death Note” follows high school student Light Yagami when he comes to possess a frightful notebook from the god of death Ryuk. By using the Death Note to kill criminals by writing their names on the page, Light becomes embroiled in an investigation involving a cat and mouse. This is an suspenseful psychological show that is the top choice of the anime fan.

Demon Slayer

The moment Tanjiro Kamado suffers the loss of his entire family to a raging demon and his little sister Nezuko is able to survive. Nezuko however, has turned into a demon and Tanjiro is determined to discover a way to restore her dignity and join her in the Demon Slayer Corps. With the hotheaded Inosuke and a frightened Zenitsu as her companions Tanjiro, a confident and optimistic character is sent on missions to take down the monsters. The show is a huge success across the U.S., with its debut full-length film “Demon Slayer Mugen Train” dominating the box market in May of this year.

Devilman Crybaby

The sensitive Akira is reunited with his former friend Ryo who asserts that devouring demons are infiltrating the most impure spaces of the human race. After Ryo is able to induce Akira’s possession through the demonic Amon Akira and Ryo begin to look into the crimes committed by demons. But the return of these creatures sends the entire world into a destructive massive hyperbole. “Devilman Crybaby” increases in intensity and drama that is incredibly tragic that ponders the very fabric of humankind itself.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Possessing psychic powers, Saiki Kusuo endeavors to be typical high school students. However, he is always at the attention of a group of eccentric classmates. Saiki’s efforts to hide his talents at school frequently cause him to be caught in a bizarre sequence of mishaps.


“Dorohedoro” can be described as a bloody journey through a visually enchanting world. Caiman along with his pal Nikaido seek out the sorcerer who turned Caiman as a headless crocodile beast leaving bloody tracks after their search. With convincing antagonists and a witty approach this show is a thrilling, but definitely enjoyable watch.


Satoru is able to travel for several minutes in the past. But following death of his mother 30 year-old Satoru is thrown 18 years back into the past. Recognizing that his mother’s murder could be connected to the kidnapping of a classmate, he employs his powers to stop her disappearance. The mystery and it’s supernatural twist is sure to be appealing to lovers of true crime.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

A 2009 version of Hiromu Arakawa’s critically acclaimed series “Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood” is an accurate adaptation of the manga than 2003’s adaptation (also accessible on Netflix). The story centers around Alchemist twins Edward and Alphonse Elric following the tragically wrong-headed effort to revive their dying mother, which cost them the leg and arm of Ed and even Al’s entire body. As skilled alchemists they seek methods to heal their bodies while under the watch of the authorities. Revelations of the atrocities perpetrated by a corrupt system are revealed when the brothers often confront strange homunculi that resemble the sins of humanity.

Great Pretender

A sly fake artist Makoto Edamura finds his entire life ruined when he’s taken on by the sexy “confidence guy” Laurent Thierry. Together with their accomplices Abigail Jones and Cynthia Moore begin a series of elaborate scams across the globe, and they have motives ranging from wealth to revenge. If you like carefully-planned thefts, then take a look at “Great Pretender.”

Hunter X Hunter

In the course of searching for his father’s missing body, Gon begins to train to join the most elite fighters, known as Hunters. The first episode of this action adventure sees Gon being a participant in the dangerous Hunter examination , where he encounters other examinees Killua, Leorio and Kurapika. As they go through the adventure, Gon discovers the motives and the mysterious past of his father as well as his new companions.


Kagome Higurashi is your typical high school student from today — until she is taken to the feudal era of Japan. Kagome along with half-demon-dog canine Inuyasha along with their new companions are on the hunt for shards of the strong Shikon jewel, while fighting the emissaries of the mysterious evildoers Naraku. The strong relationship arcs and the humorous moments of fun make this action-adventure an unforgettable one. Netflix is sadly only offering the two episodes of the show, but the entire four films are available for streaming via the streaming platform.

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