7 Pro Tips To Create Amazing Videos For Social Media Platforms

Videos for Social Media Platforms

What do you find yourself doing when you take your smartphone in your hand while on a break? If you are an ardent user of social media platforms, you probably enjoy swiping through videos. You are not alone – this is an ideal pastime for millions of people worldwide.

The arrival of social media platforms has changed so many things in the last decade. Social media platforms started as a source of entertainment and have now become an inevitable part of our lives. 

Nowadays, before investing in a product or service, most people check social media to find all the details they need to know. In fact, 62% of people have reported that most of their decisions regarding purchasing new products revolve around the videos they watch on social media. This has made 86% of marketers use social media for advertising their products and services. This not only brought a drastic change to their sales but also helped them understand the needs and wants of their customers to provide them better services in the future. 

Various reports show that videos perform way better than other content types and are now considered the most successful marketing tool of all time. So if you are one of those who are yet to understand the importance of making video content for social media platforms, here are 7 pro tips to help you get into the game.

1. Begin with a Strategy

Always remember that behind every successful video you see on social media, there’s a well-planned strategy. Having a strategy will help you provide the best value to your audience and save you a whole lot of time later on.

A well-planned strategy involves budget allocation, task delegation, content scheduling, audience research, and so much more. Also, don’t forget to check what your competitors are up to, because that will give you a fair idea of what audiences prefer watching. 

Having some clear business goals will help you find ways to get there quicker. It’s best to start small and focus on one thing at a time if you are new to the idea of making videos for social media platforms.

For example, if your prime concern is brand awareness, focus on making video content that informs the audience about your brand and its ethics. Once you reach a large enough audience and get a good number of followers, it’s time to focus on displaying your products and their specializations. You must also make sure that all your objectives align with the overall growth of your brand.

2. Make Your Videos Short and Sweet

When you check your phone during breaks, what kind of videos are you most drawn to? Is it the short, bite-sized ones? If yes, that’s the case with 58% of viewers as well.

The arrival of TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Reels are responsible for this change. People no longer enjoy watching 5-minute long videos about a product. Instead, they prefer 60-second, easy-to-consume videos that still provide valuable information. Including so much information in such a short time frame might seem overwhelming at first. To ease things up, you need to prioritize certain pieces of information, pick the ones that add value to the video, and edit accordingly. 

Now, editing can be a tiring process, as it requires a lot of time. This is where an online video editor comes in handy. Video editing will no longer be time-consuming if you start using video editing tools.

The features are easy to understand, and with a little bit of practice, you can edit top-notch videos within minutes. Besides, some online video editors have templates that are the perfect fit for the videos you post on social media. You can utilize them to save time while editing your videos.

3. Put Effort into the First Few Seconds

If your videos are more than 60 seconds long, the only way to make them appealing is to focus on the intro part. A video’s intro says a lot about its content and gives the viewer a clear idea of what they are investing their time in.

According to research, an average person now has an attention span of eight seconds, which means that you get only 8-15 seconds to grab your audience’s attention. The intro is thus crucial as it helps the viewer decide whether they want to stay throughout the video or not. 

Making an intro isn’t an easy job, especially if you are not very experienced in video editing. Using powerful visuals is the key to making an appealing intro for videos. But, the good news is that it’s not the only way – you can be as creative as you want.

You can start the video with a thought-provoking question to get the viewer’s attention, or you can insert stills from the entire video in the first 10 seconds to give the viewers an idea of the video’s overall content. Displaying your brand’s logo along with its name and tagline also makes a great intro for videos.

Ultimately, the purpose of making a video intro should be to leave people curious about what’s going to happen next.


4. Include Subtitles or Captions

If you want your brand to be known worldwide, adding captions in multiple languages is the best way to go. There’s a high chance that the language used in making your video isn’t used everywhere. So, make sure you add captions or subtitles to your videos to help people across the globe understand the message you are trying to convey.

Another reason why inserting captions is important is because, according to reports, 85% of videos on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube are watched without the sound on. Plus, videos on almost all social media platforms start playing without sound. People usually watch videos on the go, and it’s not always possible for them to turn the sound on.

If you use captions in videos, you will be able to grab the audience’s attention even when the video is on mute.

5. Focus on Storytelling

As previously mentioned, the intro plays a crucial role in getting the viewers hooked. But that’s not where your job comes to an end. You have to make sure that the viewers stay hooked throughout the video. To make that possible, you must produce content that viewers can connect to. Write a compelling, relatable script and find a way to market your brand through it. 

Ensure that the story is relevant and witty so that the audience connects to it and shares it with others. Good storytelling is the best way to share your brand’s human side and build a good bond with your audience on social media platforms.

6. Aim for Natural Lighting

Lighting significantly affects the quality of a video. No matter how good your camera is, bad lighting will ruin everything. So, try to make the most of sunlight by shooting during the daytime. Doing this will make even videos shot on a smartphone look amazing.

You can also utilize the Golden Hour period that occurs in the early morning and afternoon to your benefit. Doing this will save you some time while editing because the video will be less likely to need filters.

7. Use Suitable Music

Music is an essential part of a video as it makes the video seem much more appealing than it is. It helps the viewers feel the vibe of the video. So, do your research on what type of music is suitable for the kind of videos you create. For example, upbeat music is best for videos with a cheerful vibe. Conversely, slow music is great when your video is slow-paced. 

So, choose music accordingly, and you will see a huge change in outcome. Also, don’t forget to take permission from the owner of the soundtrack before using it in your video. Otherwise, you can get in trouble, and the video can be removed from social media platforms. 


Over the years, the use of videos on social media has brought so many changes in the field of marketing. Studies show that 93% of businesses have gained new customers after producing video content and posting it on their social media handles.

The 7 aforementioned tips will be very helpful for taking your brand’s campaigns to the next level and profit maximization. Use them wisely, and the results will astound you.

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