5 Killer Tips To Use Social Media To Grow Your Online Business

Social Media

There are 4.2 billion active social media users globally, which is 53% of the world’s total population. These users spend at least 2 hours and 25 minutes on different social media platforms every day. The numbers prove that social media engages the world’s citizenry on a wide scale.

Those 2.5 hours spent on an average by an individual on social media offer extensive scope for businesses to:

  • Develop customer relations
  • Build brand recognition
  • And make sales

Thus, you must focus your efforts on building a solid social media marketing strategy and carve your niche. This will bring you growth, and if you fail to do so, chances are your customers will choose your direct competitors.

Here are 5 killer tips for using the different social media platforms for growing your online business:

1. Increase Leads and Drive Traffic to Your Site

As per reports, more than 65% of online businesses are on different social media platforms for increasing leads. However, leads are not the only greatest benefit of using social media channels. The real benefit lies in the fact that social media helps in generating highly qualified leads through highly advanced targeting.

It is availing high-quality leads that should be the main focus of businesses using social media for growth. And one of the best ways for businesses to improve the quality of leads with the use of social media is by promoting gated content on different channels.

You need to create content that is not just relevant but even compatible with your target audiences’ likes and interests. Take the example of MarketingProfs, a business-to-business marketing resource, here.

The latest posts of the company direct followers to its virtual conference. The video should be  relevant to the content and even to the audience, so that it is easily understandable and clear, setting the right expectations for the followers must be your priority.

Even you can do the same thing by:

  • Using a video maker tool to create visually appealing video content and “on brand; graphics.
  • Writing for the social media audience
  • Including CTA creates a kind of urgency.

Speaking of driving traffic to one’s website, the majority of online businesses use social media platforms to increase traffic. To get the percentage right for such businesses, it is around 78%.

Remember, you must expand your brand’s reach if you are looking to drive traffic to your site. But how do you go about effectively generating traffic?

Simple- come up with a profile for your online business on different social media platforms and then use these channels by sharing personalized content. When you are effective with your social media presence, your followers will get through the lead funnel of your business and reach your product buying page.

2. Improve Search Engine Rankings

Social media is highly effective in improving the social media rankings of a business. You might be wondering how. When there is an increase in the social media content sharing rate, there is also an increase in your site’s domain authority. All this together leads to improved search engine rankings.

But for this to happen, you must ensure making it effortless for the audiences to share your social media content. Further, you can even add a Click to Tweet feature on something interesting, a quote or statistic, or any other information to make your content more shareable. This way, your content will be just a click away for the viewers to share.

But it is more than just creating shareable content. The majority of the customers visit your social media profile before getting to your site. They do this to get a clear understanding of your products and services before purchasing.

More visits to your social media profiles on different platforms mean a boost in your social media page rankings to further improve your scope of appearing on the top-ranked pages. The key here is creating visually appealing content that entices the audience.

3. Make Your Customers Believe You

Social media platforms are not just for promoting and selling products and services. They give you the scope of building trust among the customers and developing a loyal customer base. Even 79% of the marketers claim that social media has helped them develop a loyal customer base.

But there’s a proper way of using social media to develop a loyal follower base. The key here is creating unique, authentic, engaging, and relatable content for the audience. You must also think of connecting with the other influencers and entrepreneurs within your niche.

Consider the lingerie brand Lively, which partners with influencers and even its small targeted followers to promote its skincare products and bralettes. With the use of A/B or analytics-based testing, Lively found that the ad creatives from its influencers made 75% higher conversions and brought in 50% higher returns on investment.

Collaborating with influencers to promote services and products is beneficial as influencers will share their personal experience regarding your products and services. Their stories are authentic, real, and engaging, making it easier for the customers to relate to them.

4. Watch Your Competitors

You might find this weird, but the reality is that social media is one of the greatest ways of watching your competitors. Social media offers you the scope of monitoring and even drawing inspiration from the performance of your competitors.

You can visit the different social media channels, get to the profiles of your competitors to see the content they are posting. You can also find out how your competitors are interacting with their customers.

Learn from their strategies but ensure not to follow or copy them. Also, remember that what works for your competitors might not work for you. Just change their ideas and try using your own all the time.

5. Create Brand Awareness

As an online business, creating business awareness should be your top objective. This is important because people like buying from brands they already know. And this is where social media comes into effective play.

Social media platforms are instrumental in putting brands right in front of their target audiences easier and faster. And the same will work for your online business too. Your social media profile will get your business in front of target audiences and get them to think about your brand.

The only thing that you need to do is put good time into creating relevant content and posting it on the right social media platforms.


So, now that you are armed with detailed information on using social media to grow your online business, it is time to get into action. 

Just have one thing in mind- social media is a scope of entertainment for many people. Just enjoy this creative outlet and use it in the most effective way to connect with your customers.

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