4 Profitable Business Ideas Your 2016 Freightliner Cascadia Can Help You With

If you’re a trucking enthusiast looking for the perfect balance between safety, efficiency, and comfort, then the 2016 Freightliner Cascadia perfectly fits your purpose. True, all Freightliner trucks are good despite having their share of flaws. Yet, despite that reality, many owner-operators still swear that this brand is the best among the lot.


Freightliner’s flagship model, the Cascadia is a heavy-duty semi truck with a price estimate of around $44,500 for the model Cascadia 125 Evolution back in 2020. Experts say, when you buy a Freightliner truck, you’re making an intelligent business decision. Your business can pretty sure run smart with those semis, especially when you have the proper truck insurance.


Truck owners admit that getting a Cascadia means getting more value for money. So, if you’re planning to acquire one such mighty 18-wheeler or have already one in your hands, what appropriate business will you be engaging in?


Well, according to trucking industry insiders, here are just a few of the numerous business ideas shared by people who have experienced success in their trucking careers:


1. Heavy-duty truck transport

If you’re thinking along the lines of professional shipping services, you can put your Cascadia to maximum use transporting heavy equipment, commercial trucks, vans, and so on. Such big rigs will never put you down as they’re built not only for regional hauling but for the long haul as well.


2. Grain and fertilizer transport

Come harvest time, you can focus your attention on fertilizer and grain logistics. With the enormous change the transportation of bulk commodities had gone through, given that the size and carrying capacity of both land and sea transport have increased, it’s now considered safe to transport these items through a Cascadia. 


Just make sure not to load fertilizers in the presence of heavy fog or during precipitation. The dry and clean environment plus protection against spillage and weather the Cascadia provides can make grain and fertilizer transport convenient and safe.


3. Refrigerated trailer hauling

Trucks or trailers containing a refrigeration unit and a thermostat are referred to as ‘reefers’ or ‘chiller trucks’. Fortunately, with the cutting-edge aerodynamic enhancements and the up-to-date engine technologies used in the Freightliner Cascadia and the Cascadia Evolution, transporting perishable items and commodities requiring temperature control is a great opportunity to earn revenue from. These items could include food, pharmaceuticals, flowers, and even cadavers and remains. Cascadia trucks are fit for this business for their increased uptime, which is the secret to protecting sensitive cargoes.


4. Pickup and delivery service

Consider regional distribution trucking service with your Cascadia with its newest engine technology for full fuel efficiency and payload capability. Its aerodynamic designs and weight-saving materials are suitable for regional hauling.


Further, you might want to consider a Freightliner delivery or medium-duty pickup truck to haul all kinds of stuff along jam-packed city streets or freeway traffic. These vehicles are designed to increase productivity on the part of the driver, carrying refrigerated produce, construction materials, and the like.

The bottom line is that the trucking business isn’t just about simply transporting goods. Its success relies on efficiency and good truck quality. Choosing a 2016 Freightliner Cascadia for a profitable business is the smartest decision you’ll ever make. Visit this link to find the widest selection and the greatest deals.

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