10 Reasons Why You Need Video Marketing

Videos are sacrosanct in digital marketing campaigns irrespective of the size of your company, and their relevance is unquestionable. Videos are a cost-efficient method for early-stage businesses, SMEs, and start-ups. This method costs significantly less than traditional methods of marketing with outstanding output in terms of new clients/customers and growth.


Here are ten key reasons why you need video marketing in 2022 and beyond:


Great Crowd Puller

Digital marketing is the present and future of marketing. Businesses globally use various methods to promote their goods and services online. Therefore, online platforms have become a new arena for brands and businesses for maximum engagement.


To get more relevant engagement, videos are the best digital marketing tool. A video with customer-centric, value-based content, edited with a quality video maker, and high-definition picture quality can be a great crowd puller for your brand. 


Attention-grabbing content with innovative approaches such as animation, trivia, etc. can retain customer attention up to five times more than static images and texts.



Video marketing is comparatively cheaper than other forms of marketing. You can get targeted customers with qualified leads at a significantly lower expenditure. In traditional marketing, there is uncertainty because you have to target a vast segment of the audience without TG-oriented data.


However, in video marketing, you filter options based on demographics, income brackets, localities etc., and get the specific results. Your video marketing team can run multiple types of advertisements such as interactive ads, lead form ads, and so on.


Customer Loyalty and Trust

Loyalty and trust of customers are crucial factors for a successful business. You can achieve a pool of loyal customers with the help of a well-made, product-specific video with a leading video maker software that connects with end-users and solves their pain points.


In addition, these groups of loyal customers work as the brand ambassadors for your business and bring in new customers through sharing on WhatsApp and other social media accounts and word-of-mouth publicity.


You can explore brands that make use of YouTube and Social Media Channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook for their video marketing. People comment on and engage with content, communicating with brands directly.


Video marketing should include personalized content and make it interactive with Q & A type of videos.


Live Streaming

Marketing is all about the experience you provide for your intended customers and niche segments. To enhance the UI and UX, you can use live streaming. It gives real-time engagement for your products and services.


We must mention here how live streaming has changed brand interaction with customers during the last two years. The pandemic brought traditional BTL marketing to almost a standstill, and marketers started using live streaming to organize and conduct live events from anywhere.


Brands such as Hero Moto Corp and Mahindra and Mahindra used live streaming for their vehicle launch, book launch event, and so on.


Therefore, you should plan live streaming for brand building and expansion with interactive strategies such as a living goodies store, Q & A session, etc.


Video Marketing for SEO

If you type something in the Google search box, the browser will display recommended videos according to the keywords. It shows the importance of videos for search engines in contemporary times.


It means you should focus on video marketing to improve your chances to rank higher on search engine results pages. Videos should be optimized with reliable video maker software, themes, colour textures, graphics, content, etc.


Benefits of an Optimised Video for Website Ranking:

  • If customers like the video, they will click on the embedded link and visit the landing page
  • It will improve website traffic and dwell time
  • Higher traffic and dwell time attract web crawlers to rank your website higher
  • Promote the video with authorized backlinks
  • As a result, video marketing will help your website rank top on the SERP. 


Video Marketing for Smartphone Generation

India will have more than one billion smartphone users by 2026 as per a report published by Deloitte (Business Standard). The country also has one of the highest screen times globally, and most Indians watch videos on the go via their mobile devices.

Therefore, you should configure videos according to smartphones along with other digital devices.


Tips for making videos for smartphones:


  • It is advisable to make vertical videos for social channels such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Use subtitles and captions, as people mostly watch videos without sound while traveling, working, or studying. It will help them to consume videos hassle-free.
  • Conclude the video with a CTA and encourage customers to engage.


Ads on Other High Performing Videos

An alternative option to promote your brand is using other high-performing videos on video streaming platforms. YouTube allows businesses to run their ads on other video channels. Explore and post your ad now.


Videos Improve Connects and Recalls

The ultimate goal of any business is to communicate its brand story to the end-users. Videos are the greatest tools to achieve that with maximum engagement, recall, and retention compared to text-based and audio promotions.


Explore Amazon and other e-commerce websites using product description videos, video testimonials etc., for their video marketing plans.


Email Marketing with Links to Videos

Video links about products and offers with emailers improve CTR (Click Through Rates) and conversion. Explore innovative email marketing with videos from Swiggy, Sony LIV, and other businesses.


Direct Sales and Orders

Video marketing provides the best return on investment. You can embed links through videos and drive customers directly to the desired page. With optimized page content, customers are most likely to complete the sales cycle.


With Facebook Business Page, WhatsApp Business with its new payment feature, Instagram Shop, and others, domains for boosting sales from video marketing have multiplied.


Concluding Thoughts

The cumulative impact of all these pointers can take your business towards newer avenues. Online presence is essential these days for any businesses to thrive. To attain your desired outcomes, video marketing is the perfect medium for you.


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